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Assiut University President meets the Dean of Civilization and Archaeology, Berlin University


In his meeting with the Dean of Civilization and Archaeology Institute, Berlin University, Dr. Ahmed A. Gaeis asserted that the university in very much interested in providing all scientific facilities demanded to contribute to the development of Assiut province and the entire Upper Egyptian Region. The president's meeting was also attended by eight German scholars, representing the Egyptian-German mission for archaeological excavation in the Western Assiut Mountain, Dr. Wagdy Refaat, Dean of the Faculty of Specific Education, Dr. Hosam El-Din Mostafa, lecturer of Arts Education, Dr. Magdy Elwan, Chairman of the Department of Archaeology, Faculty of Arts, Eng. Khaled Abu-Zeid, Director of Monuments Restoration Directorate, and Eng. Neiazy Mostafa, Chairman, Dept. of monuments restoration in Assiut. The university president expressed his aspiration to have Assiut regained to the tourist map of Egypt as it has its distinct history and a large number of important tourist landmarks.