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Assiut University President Opens the Unit for the Physiology of the Nervous System and a New Ward for Private Treatment at the Neurological and Psychological Hospital

Assiut University President opened the unit for the physiology of the nervous system and a new ward for private treatment on the 5th floor at the neurological hospital. The president was accompanied by Dr. Mohamed Abdul- Latif, Vice President for Community Service, Dr. Tarek Al-Gammal, Vice President for Graduate Studies and Research, Dr Ahmed Al-Menshawi, Dean of the Faculty of Medicine and Chairman of Board of Directors, and Dr Iman Riad, Department Chair and Hospital Director. Dr Menshawi indicated that the new Unit will be a remarkable addition to the hospital as long as it will help in providing advanced services in diagnostic and treatment fields. He also asserted that the hospital is the most recognized among similar hospitals in Upper Egypt and it hosts a huge number of patients from various Upper Egyptian Provinces annually.