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From Assiut University: Mehleb Asserts that the Grand Accomplished Projects Impel Egyptians to Confide in Themselves and Promise for Better Future

During his visit to Assiut University to participate in an enlarged public conference on the "National and Strategic Projects in Egypt," Eng. Ibrahim Mehleb, Advisor of the President of the Republic for strategic and National Projects, asserted that the strategic and national projects which have been accomplished since 2013 reached the number of 3195 projects with a total cost of 667 Billion Egyptian Pounds. He added that there are 1229 projects with a total cost of 1.575 Billion currently under execution. Thus, the overall number of the intended projects will be 4424 projects. This is one reason to make Egyptians proud, self confident and wishful for a better future. The conference was also attended by Consultant Amir Sayed, Advisor of the President of the Republic for Urban Planning, Eng. Yasser Al-Dessouki, Governor of Assiut, and Field Major General Sherif Seif El-Din, Commander of the Southern Region.