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Jordanian Philadelphia University Offers Its Coat of Arms in Honor on Assiut University President

Assiut University President, Dr. Ahmed A. Gaeis met Dr. Faisal Al-Omary, Chairman of the Graphic and Décor Department, Philadelphia University, Jordan to honor Dr. Gaeis and hand him the Philadelphia University Coat of Arms. Dr. Mansour Al-Mansi, Dean of the Faculty of Fine Arts, Assiut University, and Dr. Noha Al-Mufti, Lecturer, Faculty of Fine Arts, attended the meeting. In the meeting, Dr. Gaeis welcomed any means of cooperation between Assiut University and all Arab Universities in general, and the Jordanian Universities in particular for the very specific and close ties that relate between the universities. These ties include various sorts of cooperation, presence in most scientific events and activities organized by the Association of Arab Universities (AArU) located at Zarqa University, Jordan.