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Al-Sharkawi Unveils the Amounts of Donations and the Rooms Preparation in the Project of 2020 University Hospital for Cancer


As the Egyptian Family House Authority launches its initiative support of the 2020 University Hospital Project, Dr. Mostafa Al-Sharkawi, Chairman of the Board of Trustees, Foundation of Fellows of So Foundation of Fellows of South Egypt Cancer Institute uth Egypt Cancer Institute, has highly esteemed the efforts of the Egyptian Family House Authority, Assiut Governorate, and the effective communal role in almost all fields. Besides, the Authority's contribution and support devoted to the South Egypt Cancer Institute have been remarkable particularly in the development of the health services offered to the patients. Dr. Sharkawi revealed the amounts of the donations reaching about 20 thousands Egyptian Pounds for the each individual share and 50 thousands for the collective (group) share. He added that the costs of the preparing Chemo-Room will reach 180 thousands Egyptian pounds, while the costs of establishing and preparation of a Chemo-Room will reach 300 thousands, and the rooms may be named after the donor's name for whosoever wishes.