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The Eleventh Assiut University Student Delegation Is Back Upon Completion of An Educational and Cultural Visit to Dagestan University, Russia

Dr. Ahmed A. Gaeis, Assiut University President, stated that the eleventh delegation of students came back from Russia after spending a visit to Dagestan University. This is the first delegation to visit Russia this summer according to the agreements made between Assiut University and a number of Russian Universities dating back to more than 23 years through which dozens of student delegations have exchanged visits.
Dr. Salah Abul-Hawa, Coordinator of the relations between the two sides and Director of the Russian Language Centre, stated that the delegation included six students in addition to Mr. Taher Hasan, the Administrative Director of the Centre, as Supervisor of the delegation. Abul-Hawa added that such visits enrich the cultural and educational faculties of the students as they spend about 40 hours learning Russian Language.