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Young Elite Association: Future Cooperation Program between Assiut University and Bibliotheca Alexandrina

Dr. Ahmed A. Gaeis, Assiut University President, met Dr. Salah Ahmed Soliman and Dr. Mohamed Al-Fahham, managerial representatives of Bibliotheca Alexandrina to launch the "Choose Your College" congress, for newly admitted students orientation and the nature of studies at each college. The meeting included Dr. Shehata Ghareeb, Supervisor of Students Activities and Dr. Mohamed Hussein, Professor of International Law, Faculty of Law. On his part, the visiting delegation expressed their high estimation of the stature of Assiut University as one of the biggest Egyptian Universities, mother of all Upper Egyptian Universities, and a minaret of science and enlightenment of Upper Egypt. Dr. Ghareeb stated that the meeting included a discussion of all possible fields of cooperation of which the program of "Young Elite Association" in Assiut University will be the first to reinforce the talents and abilities of students.