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Assiut University President Praises the Unit for Hand and Microscopic Surgeries as one of the Leading Units in Egypt and the Middle East

In his Participation in the Tenth Workshop on Peripheral Neurosurgery, Assiut University President, Prof. Tarek El-Gammal, indicated that the workshop has been one of the most outstanding scientific activities organized by the unit annually for the tenth successive round. The workshop offers programs, lectures and live surgeries; an endeavor that adds much to the expertise of all participants.
Dr. Walid Riyad, Assistant Professor of Orthopedics and Chairman of the Workshop Organizing Committee, stated that the workshop honored Dr. Bassam Mohammed Addas and Prof. Raphael Riunso. He pointed out that the workshop program included practical training on connecting the peripheral nerves using experiment mice. Participants were also trained on normal organs. On the third day, a number of complicated surgeries were conducted and introduced live to the trainees in the adjacent room.