University News

Assiut University announces the hosting of the world's largest surgeon and announces the butterfly as the logo for its fifth workshop in Chest surgery
Prof. Dr. Ahmed Al-Manshawi, dean of the Faculty of Medicine and the Chairman of the Board of Directors of Assiut University Hospitals, assigned next February for the launch of the Fifth Workshop of Cardiothoracic Surgery.
The workshop is to be organized under the auspices of Assiut University President, Prof. Tarek El Gammal, hosting about 7 foregin experts from the specialist consultants in this field besides a number of trainees from various governorates of the Republic as well as from Arab countries such as Iraq, Yemen and Saudi Arabia.
Prof. Dr. Ahmed Ghoneim, Head of Department of Cardiology and Chest Surgery at the University, explained that the workshop aims to provide an opportunity to train the participating doctors on the latest medical and surgical techniques used in heart and chest surgery.