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Assiut University President and his Vice-President share the Catholic Church in the ceremony of praying and pray for peace
In the presence of General Gamal Nour Eldeen, Goverer of Assiut, Assiut University President, Prof. Dr. Tarek El-Gammal, and Prof. Dr. Shehata Ghareeb, Vice President for Education and Student Affairs, participated in the ceremony of praying and prayer for peace organized by the Egyptian Committee for Justice and Peace of the Catholic Church in Assiut entitled "Together in Peace". This ceremony was held in Coptic Catholic Archbishops, Assiut City.
The ceremony included a play called "Wake up Sleepy Man" presented by the Rock Art team, which includes the artist "Mounir Makram." The play was followed by prayers with the words of Abba Lucas, then the call for peace by Sheikh Assem Kubaisi, a show by the Coral of Notre Dame School in Assiut, and a song performance by the girl Mariam Safwat .