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Ministry of Higher Education announces the arrival of 600 computers in support of Assiut University as well as the increase of the Internet speed to 3 times in the next stage
Assiut University President, Prof. Dr. Tarek El-Gammal, received a delegation from the Measurement and Evaluation Center at the Project Management Unit at the Ministry of Higher Education, headed by Dr. Noha Azmi, Director of the Center, in the presence of Dr. Tayseer Hassan Abdul Hamid, Dean of the Faculty of Computer Science and Information.
The President of Assiut University declared that the visit of the delegation of the Ministry of Higher Education comes within the framework of the ministry's mandate to its committee to visit the university to follow up on what has been achieved in the project being implemented to apply electronic tests in Egyptian universities. On her part, Dr. Noha Azmi, pointed out the role of the center in providing services for the development of electronic services within the Egyptian universities in accordance with the instructions of Prof.Dr. Khaled Abdel Ghaffar, Minister of Higher Education, which includes the support of Assiut University with a number of 600 computers in the project to establish a center for measurement, evaluation and application of electronic exams with the provision of the necessary technological equipments to increase the speed of the Internet within the university to about three times. In addition, Dr. Noha Azmi expressed the readiness of the Center to provide the necessary support for the university to improve its international classification.