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Assiut University President Receives Delegation of North China Electric Power University to Sign Agreement on Cooperation in New and Renewable Energy
Assiut University President has received a delegation from North China Electric Power University; the delegation included Prof. Shao G., dean of the School of Nuclear Science and Engineering; Prof. Hui Yu, vice-dean of the School of Electric and Electronic Engineering; Prof. Xyr Xahu, vice-dean of the International Institute of Education.
During this meeting, a cooperation agreement in the field of “supporting and developing scientific cooperation in the field of new and renewable energy ", was signed between the two sides in the presence of Dr. Nubi Mohammed Hassan, dean of the Faculty of Engineering at Assiut University.
Dr. Nubi Hassan revealed that the delegation visited the laboratories of the Department of Mechanical Engineering at the Faculty of Engineering, followed by the visit of the delegation to the new and renewable energy projects in the management of air conditioners and coolers, as well as the rapid modeling laboratory and the Department of Electrical Engineering and Korean laboratories, which include “PC laboratory, high pressure laboratory, AC laboratory, and Robotics."