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Assiut University President receives a German scientist as part of his visit to the University to discuss some cases of pediatric oncology and deliver some lectures
Assiut University President, Prof. Dr. Tarek El-Gammal, emphasized the role of the university in providing a comprehensive and integrated health service in the various fields in general and in the field of oncology in particular. The University has decided to establish the new 2020 University Hospital of Oncology, as the number of Oncology patients in Assiut University Hospital and in South Egypt Cancer Institute is increasing.
This was announced during the meeting between Prof. Dr. Tarek El-Gammal and Professor Frank Berthold, Professor of Pediatric Oncology at the University of Cologne, Germany.
In addition, the Dean of the South Egypt Cancer Institute added that the German Professor's program extends for three consecutive days in order to deliver some scientific lectures and workshops in the field of pediatric oncology, as well as performing some visits to the pediatric department, the bone marrow transplant unit, and a number of the departments of the Institute.