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Vice-President of Assiut University participates in the proceedings of the training program in the field of cultural relations
Prof.Dr. Ahmed Al-Menshawi, Vice President of Assiut University for Graduate Studies and Research, stressed the importance of the cultural relations sector within the university as it is the body entrusted with organizing the work related to grants and scholarships, announcing the scientific prizes and the scientific agreements, and organizing the procedures of researchers within the university. Appreciating this kind of work, the university provides the cultural sector wirh the necessary support and tools to achieve more development.
This came during the participation of the Vice President in the proceedings of the training program held in the field of cultural relations. The Secretary-General of the University announced that the training extends until the end of the current week and includes the training of 35 employees (in various faculties) who are specialized in the field of cultural relations.
This comes within the framework of the university plan held to achieve the main objectives of the National Strategic Plan to reduce corruption and combat it in the second phase 2019/2022.