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Team ASME Assuit at Assiut University returns from the United States after participating in a the global competition (HPVC2019)
Prof.Dr. Nubi Mohamed Hassan, Dean of the Faculty of Engineering, Assiut University, announced the return of the student team (Assiut Asme) at the College, from the United States after taking part in a competition (ASME HPVC2019) in the state of Michigan, receiving the status of 28 of the 53 international universities participating in designs in the competition and passing the occupational safety test, stressing that this came under the auspices of Prof.Dr. Tareq El-Gammal, President of the University, and Prof.Dr. Shehata Ghareeb, Vice President for Education and Student Affairs, and their keenness to support and encourage all students who have innovative ideas that serve the environment and the surrounding society.
On his part, Eng. Ali Ahmed Fouad, team leader of ASME Assuit , explained that this is the first participation of its kind for the team in the international competition (HPVC) at the level of Upper Egypt, which began its work from 5 to 7 April, and included students from the Faculty of Engineering from around the world. This competition was a mechanical one based on the design of a wheel of self-driving speeds of 70 km per hour.