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International conference on development prospects in the Arab world .. A Legal vision opens its scientific sessions with discussion of international conventions and national legislations in achieving development
The University witnessed the opening of the scientific sessions of the International Conference "Prospects for Development in the Arab World: A Legal Vision", organized by Assiut University in cooperation with Zarqa University in Jordan from April 14-17.
In a related context, Prof.Dr. Shehata Ghareeb revealed that the sessions dealt with discussing the main themes of the conference. The first session, which included 4 scientific research papers, discussed the role of international agreements in achieving development; the second session, which included 5 research papers, dealt with the theme of "Intellectual Property Legislation and its Role in Achieving Development"; the third session, which included 7 papers, reviewed the axis of "effectiveness of national legislations in achieving development".
These papers were presented by a number of researchers participating in the conference from various Arab countries.