University News

Assiut University is looking at ways to open the horizons of cooperation and joint work with the French University of ESLSCA
Assiut University President, Prof. Dr. Tarek El-Gammal, affirmed the university's keenness to support cooperation and joint work in various scientific and research fields according to a work strategy aimed at opening new horizons with all institutions and organizations internally and externally. This followed the welcoming of prof. Dr. Ahmed ElMinshawy to the delegation of ESLSCA University, which consisted of Dr. Rania Atef, Director of the University of ESLSCA branch in Upper Egypt, Ms. Shaimma Magrabi, Director of Marketing at ESLSCA Upper Egypt Branch, in the presence of Dr. Magda Mahmoud, Head of International Relations Office at the University
In this context, the Vice President pointed out that the meeting included a review of the ways of cooperation between Assiut University and the branch of the University of ESLSCA in Upper Egypt as a beacon to provide science in Upper Egypt, where he pointed out that the cooperation program includes the provision of educational and research service to all university members of the university. The program aims at studying business administration in modern ways according to international specifications, which creates qualified cadres in a specialized and efficient market for working at home and abroad, where the student applies for the diploma "DBA", and Professional Master "MBA", which range from one year to two years as well as providing courses and training programs.