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Assiut University participates in the work of the creative student forum at the University of Ain, UAE
Assiut University President, Prof.Dr. Tarek El-Gammal, affirmed the support of the university administration for its talented students in various fields and the opportunity to show them their different talents and abilities and encourage them to creativity and innovation.
This came within the framework of the participation of Assiut University in the twenty-first creative student forum for 2019, which is organized by the Arab Council for Training and Creativity of the Union of Arab Universities, which started its work today at the University of Al Ain, UAE.
On his part, Dr. Shehata Gharib Shalqami, Vice President of Assiut University for Education and Student Affairs, revealed his participation in the forum, which was held under the title of "The Role of Entrepreneurship and Scientific Innovation among Arab University Students in the Rise of the National Economy", which runs from 27 to 31 October.
The Vice President of Assiut University pointed out that the participation of the university included the participation of student Esraa Yaser Mortada, a student in the Department of Art Education, Faculty of Specific Education, with her research on "the role of entrepreneurship in the use of contemporary mural art to contribute to the renaissance of the national economy", and the student Nayera Khaled, a student in the third year at the department of Decoration at the Faculty of Fine Arts, with her research "Creative leadership in the design of marionette brides and glove puppet theater and its role in the development of the national economy."
Dr. Shehata Gharib expressed his happiness with his honoring by the Secretary General of the Federation of Arab Universities and the Supreme Committee of the Forum during the opening session for his outstanding activity as a member of the Board of Directors of the Arab Council for Student Training and his honorary representation of Assiut University.