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Department of clinical Pharmacy


The Department of Clinical Pharmacy mission is to graduate competent and skilled pharmacists as members of the healthcare team for the direct benefits of the patients with the goals of maximizing drug efficacy and minimizing drug untoward effects by ensuring appropriate, safe and cost-effective use of medicines.

The department also seeks to promote postgraduate research related to pharmaceutical care, pharmacotherapy, pharmacoeconomics and all clinical aspects of pharmacy practice.


The department of Clinical Pharmacy vision is to achieve excellence in pharmacy education, practice and inter-professional experiences to promote healthcare services and improve patient care and public services and as well as conducting innovative clinical research in pharmacy practice at international level.


The department of Clinical Pharmacy aims at providing pharmacy students with fundamental clinical skills and a unique set of knowledge of medical terminology, pathophysiology of diseases and applied therapeutics, clinical skills as well as communication skills to interact with physicians, nurses, patients and family effectively. The department prepares students for career in clinical pharmacy services and stimulates critical-thinking and therapeutic problem-solving when dealing with patients in health care settings.