Supervised Graduate Thesis


  1. Nerve grafting. Hassan Hamdy Abdel-Rahman. MS thesis, South Valley University, 10/3/1997.

  2. Functional restoration of elbow flexion following brachial plexus injury in the adult. Khaled Mohamed Mostafa. PhD thesis, Assiut University, 26/11/2000.

  3. Reconstruction of traumatic soft tissue defects in the hand. Ayman Mohamed Mostafa. MS thesis, Assiut University, 25/11/2001.

  4. Microsurgical reconstruction of lower limb bone defects following tumor excision using vascularized fibular graft. Amr El-Sayed Ali, PhD thesis, Assiut University, 24/11/2002.

  5. Free flap reconstruction of the mandible and oral cavity. Hesham Hamza, PhD thesis, National Cancer Institute, Cairo, August 2002.

  6. Comparative study between two inhalantional anesthetics during and after prolonged anesthesia. Hatem Hasan Mohamed, PhD thesis, Assiut University 21/4/2002.

  7. Breast Reconstruction with free microvascular flaps: clinical and experimental study, PhD thesis, Samir Ahmad Ammar, Assiut University, September 2003.













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