In Their Own Words


“This Unit is the most recent addition to the Department of Orthopedic and Trauma, Assiut University. Though rather recently established, it is highly equipped, very active and rapidly developing Unit. Introduction of vascularized fibular grafts, and multiple tissue free transfers have added much to our potential in managing complex problems resulting from trauma and tumor resection. Perfecting nerve sutures, surgery for brachial plexus injuries and free active muscle transfers has helped many disabled patients. Revascularization and replantation of limbs and digits have saved many parts severed by trauma.
Prof. Tarek El Gammal and Dr. Amr El Sayed are very active devoted and knowledgeable persons. These two experts, assisted by two young surgeons have performed hundreds of sophisticated lengthy painstaking micro-surgical procedures. They have also many publications in specialized international journals.
”We are very proud of the Micro-Surgical team!!”
Professor Galal Zaki Said,


Founding Professor, Department of Orthopedics, Assiut University.
Former President of EOA,
First Vice President of SICOT,
AO Trustee of Egypt.


" Please accept my congratulations for the abstracts from your unit that appeared in the WSRM proceedings. I would be delighted to consider manuscripts based on any of this material for publication in Microsurgery. Furthermore, I would look forward to any original work from you and your colleagues. I think that lessons learned from your very productive practice could be valuable contributions to the literature".
William C. Lineaweaver, MD, FACS.
Editor-In-Chief , Microsurgery, Division of Plastic Surgery, University of Mississippi Medical Center, Jackson , Mississippi, USA


"I want to tell you that I appreciated so much working with you and actually I benefited a lot. Personally, I was convinced by your abilities and the great job you are doing for your people, may God give you enough strength to continue in the same selfless spirit. I would like to wish you all the best in whatever you endeavor to achieve. I know the sea is Tumultuous, but at the end of the day the fruits of the hard labor must be eaten".
Fred Otsyeno, National Hospital, Nairoubi, Kenya












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