Assiut University Assiut University President of Assiut University praises the role of the Association of Arab universities in support of the bonds of cooperation and joint action among Arab scientists 2015-01-08 Memorandum of understanding between Assiut University and the German Academy of lychees Welle in the field of media 2014-12-28 The President of Assiut University signs an agreement with Orman Association to support the Cardiac Center 2014-12-25 Assiut University students participating in the Sixth environmental forum of Arab Youth 2014-12-20 The national state: Opportunities and Challenges at the University of Assiut workshop 2014-12-18 Assiut University hosts the closing ceremony of the environmental activities for the academic year 2013-2014 2014-12-16 Assiut University students visit Zewail City of Science and Technology 2014-12-14 A Delegation of Administrative Development visits Assiut University in the framework of the project of the mechanization of its hospitals 2014-12-14 Assiut University launches a number of trips within the province to stimulate domestic tourism 2014-12-13 The research of Assistant lecturer of dermatology has awarded the Golden prize of the best research competition in international conference of dermatology and cosmetology 2014-12-11 Events risk of misuse of medicines, which was held at the Faculty of Education, Assiut University Symposium 2014-12-10 President of Assiut University meets Secretary of General Education Development Fund and the Deputy Minister of Education for Technical Education and Vocational Training. 2014-12-09 Assiut University wins the second and fourth ranks in the Arab Open Championship Chess 2014-12-09 Complementing projects funded by the European Union "Erasmus Plus" among the activities of the workshop of scientific research projects at Assiut University 2014-12-07 Assiut University President Meets a Research Delegation from the Italian CNR Centre 2014-11-30 Assiut University President declares the Success of the First Liver Transplantation Surgery at the Al-Rajhi University Hospital 2014-11-29 German Ambassador Visits Assiut University 2014-11-23 Training Course of the uses of Electronic Microscope In the fields of research and diagnostics 2014-11-18 Commencement of the Proceedings of the Assiut University Forum: "Coal As Energy Substitute-Is it the Solution?" 2014-11-12 Medical Fellowship of Critical Care: A Training Program in Assiut University 2014-11-12 Assiut University Study Recommends Mother's Voice and Music for Children Undergoing Heart Bypass Surgeries 2014-11-09 Woman, Media, and Development in Upper Egypt A Training Program in Assiut University 2014-11-05 Assiut University Faculty of Commerce Celebrates its Golden- Jubilee Coinciding with the Beginning of the Academic Year 2014-11-04 A Memorandum of Understanding for Academic Cooperation between Assiut University and Sagrada Curacao University 2014-11-01 A Study in Assiut University Asserts that the Use of Nano Technology Increases the Effectiveness of Anti-Fungal Medications 2014-10-29 In Assiut University Office in Cairo: European Union Bureau Offers New Programs 2014-10-21 Facing the Dangerous Ebola Coming from Africa: Assiut University Holds a Scientific Forum 2014-10-21 In His Meeting with Representatives of the European Union Bureau: Assiut University President Praises the Role of the Programs Provided by the European Union to Enhance Higher Education in Egypt 2014-10-20 MATLAB Training Course 2014-10-19 Assiut University Wins First Rank in the Closing Proceedings of the 16th Student Innovation Meeting 2014-10-05 Assiut University Lecturer of Pharmaceutics Selected For the Membership of Egyptian Youth Academy of Science 2014-10-01 HE Minister of Higher Education and the Presidents of Egyptian Universities Visit Assiut University Hospitals 2014-09-21 A Student From The Faculty of Engineering Wins First Place in 16th Arab Council for Training Students of Arab Universities (ACTSAU) 2014-09-18 Assiut University Professor Wins the Scientific Distinction Award for Young Arab Archeologists 2014-09-16 The ministerial decision to open the door for the acceptance diploma in Special Education, Faculty of Education 2014-09-16 Lecturer from Faculty of Pharmacy, Assiut University has won the "McNeil Award in Natural Products Chemistry" 2014-09-15 Assiut University Announces the Success of the First Thermal Solar-Based Conditioning System for Buildings 2014-09-09 Assiut University Delegation Returns from a Visit to the New Suez Canal Project 2014-09-07 Civil Protection activities in Assiut University 2014-09-01 Faculty of Arts, Assiut University: First Faculty of Arts to Gain Academic Accreditation among Peers Nationwide 2014-08-30 Congratulations for Assiut University Hospitals 2014-08-30 During the Closing Ceremony of Arab Students Training, Assiut University President: Egypt will always remain the Mecca of sciences for all Scientists from Arab countries.” 2014-08-28 Assiut Western Plateau Committee Meeting 2014-08-27 Meeting between Governor of Assiut and the University President to propose a strategy for development in Assiut 2014-08-26 Central blood transfusion service and umbrella organization present a training program on understanding and implementing ISO 15189:2012 2014-08-21 Heart Attacks of Patients with Diabetes: A Study in Assiut University 2014-08-21 Faculty of Engineering, Assiut University Wins the Third Rank in Helwan’s Robocon Competition 2014 2014-08-20 Assiut University Holds a Training Program for 720 Participants Within its Project for the Development of the Administrative Sector and Qualifying it for the ISO certificate (9001 - 2008) 2014-08-13 For the First Time, Assiut University Hospitals Treat Coronary Artery Strokes in 60 Minutes 2014-07-28 A New Research Laboratory for the Epidemiology of Neurological Diseases at Assiut University 2014-07-24 Reducing Energy Consumption During Summer Holidays 2014-07-16 Crisis and Disaster Management Committee in The Faculty of Engineering 2014-07-06 Assiut University Selected to Hold A Branch of American Association of Petroleum Geologists 2014-06-28 A Memo of Understanding for Scientific and Cultural Cooperation Between Assiut University and Tokyo Institute, Japan 2014-06-24 The executive manager of ICTP projects visits the Art corner of the faculty of education- New Valley 2014-06-21 Assiut University President Returns from a Visit to Jordan and Algeria 2014-06-20 Job Opportunity for Assiut Heart Center 2014-05-26 A Workshop in DNA Lab. for Forensic Medicine and Diagnosis 2014-05-22 Hiring new department heads 2014-05-19 Out of national responsibility Assuit university launches a campaign to rationalize electricity consumption. 2014-05-18 Congratulations to Prof. Dr. Essam Mohamed Abdel-Majeed Mannaa 2014-05-15 Invitation to workshop held by German Academic exchange service (DAAD) in cooperation with Assuit University. 2014-05-14 The president of Assuit university Prof.Mohammed Abdel-Sameea confirms the decision of firing 15 students according to the universities higher supreme council laws and legislations. 2014-05-13 MATLAB training course 2014-05-12 Assiut International Day of Hemophilia Seminar 2014-04-30 Gastrointestinal Endoscopy Workshop 2014-04-29 Center announces the public service at the Faculty of Educational Assiut University College is accredited by National Quality Assurance 2014-04-28 The first conference for students of the Faculty of Physical Education 2014-04-27 Assiut University Adopts Initiative To Develop Upper Egypt With Fareed Khamees Foundation for Environment Development 2014-04-14 Memorandum of Understanding: Scientific and Cultural Cooperation between Assiut University and Zaytouna Libyan University 2014-04-12 Assiut University President Is Back From Malaysia 2014-04-08 Egyptians House Officers Project for Education 2014-04-08 Visit Birzeit University and the American University of Beirut Faculty of Education at the University of Assiut 2014-04-01 Faculty of Physical Education, Assiut University Win the Poll to Organize the Eleventh International Conference of the International Network of Sport and Health Sciences 2014-03-30 The 6th Annual Scientific Conference of South Egypt Cancer Institute (1-5 ِApril 2014) 2014-03-29 Inaugurating the final exhibition of the First International Porcelain Workshop, Assiut University President emphasizes the importance of communication with the various world art schools 2014-03-18 The Proceedings of the Second International Conference on: The Freedom of Thought and Innovation: Foundations and Constraints 2014-03-17 In Activation of an Agreement: German Student Delegation Visits Assiut University 2014-03-15 Visit to Burdue University Yields 2014-03-08 Free Cloud Service from Microsoft (7 gigabyte) 2014-03-03 A protocol of cooperation between the General Authority for Adult Education and the Faculty of Education, University of Asyut 2014-03-03 Adoption of internal criteria for acceptance master s and doctoral degrees Department of Psychology 2014-03-03 Annual Scientific Conference of Chest Diseases Department 2014-02-27 The introductory workshop for demonstrator and assistant lecturer of faculty members, Department of Curriculum and Teaching Physical Education 2014-02-27 The First Conference of the Pediatric Neurology Unit 2014-02-24 "Microsoft" bring feature for users of the electronic signature "Office 365" 2014-02-20 1st Scientific Conference of Assiut Neuropediatric 2014-02-20 Project for building the capacity of middle and senior cadres in government institutions in the field of information and communication technology for development 2014-02-17 First Scientific Conference of Assiut Neuropediatric Unit 2014-02-15 (TIEC) opened the door for the progress of technological incubators 2014-02-10 Assiut University Hosts the First National Students’ Festival 2014-01-29 Congratulations to The New Vice Dean of The community Services and Environment Development Profeesor Hassan Younis 2014-01-27 The First Forum on Egyptian Water Security Between Historical Rights and Regional Ambitions 2014-01-19 Best Student Website Competition 2014 2014-01-18 Discussion of a masters Scholar / Taha Mohammed El-Sayd mohammed 2014-01-18 CPR Round Course 2014-01-16 Infection Control Course 2014-01-16 Candle Manufacturing Machine Developed by Engineering Students Assiut University 2014-01-12 Assiut University 9th International Pharmaceutical Sciences Conference 2014-01-12 Meeting of Educational Process Follow-Up Committee 2014-01-11