Assiut University Assiut University Assiut University Wins First Rank in the Closing Proceedings of the 16th Student Innovation Meeting 2014-09-30 Assiut University Lecturer of Pharmaceutics Selected For the Membership of Egyptian Youth Academy of Science 2014-09-28 HE Minister of Higher Education and the Presidents of Egyptian Universities Visit Assiut University Hospitals 2014-09-21 A Student From The Faculty of Engineering Wins First Place in 16th Arab Council for Training Students of Arab Universities (ACTSAU) 2014-09-18 Assiut University Professor Wins the Scientific Distinction Award for Young Arab Archeologists 2014-09-16 The ministerial decision to open the door for the acceptance diploma in Special Education, Faculty of Education 2014-09-16 Lecturer from Faculty of Pharmacy, Assiut University has won the "McNeil Award in Natural Products Chemistry" 2014-09-15 Assiut University Announces the Success of the First Thermal Solar-Based Conditioning System for Buildings 2014-09-09 Assiut University Delegation Returns from a Visit to the New Suez Canal Project 2014-09-07 Civil Protection activities in Assiut University 2014-09-01 Faculty of Arts, Assiut University: First Faculty of Arts to Gain Academic Accreditation among Peers Nationwide 2014-08-30 Congratulations for Assiut University Hospitals 2014-08-30 During the Closing Ceremony of Arab Students Training, Assiut University President: Egypt will always remain the Mecca of sciences for all Scientists from Arab countries.” 2014-08-28 Assiut Western Plateau Committee Meeting 2014-08-27 Meeting between Governor of Assiut and the University President to propose a strategy for development in Assiut 2014-08-26 Central blood transfusion service and umbrella organization present a training program on understanding and implementing ISO 15189:2012 2014-08-21 Heart Attacks of Patients with Diabetes: A Study in Assiut University 2014-08-21 Faculty of Engineering, Assiut University Wins the Third Rank in Helwan’s Robocon Competition 2014 2014-08-20 Assiut University Holds a Training Program for 720 Participants Within its Project for the Development of the Administrative Sector and Qualifying it for the ISO certificate (9001 - 2008) 2014-08-13 For the First Time, Assiut University Hospitals Treat Coronary Artery Strokes in 60 Minutes 2014-07-28 A New Research Laboratory for the Epidemiology of Neurological Diseases at Assiut University 2014-07-24 Reducing Energy Consumption During Summer Holidays 2014-07-16 Crisis and Disaster Management Committee in The Faculty of Engineering 2014-07-06 Assiut University Selected to Hold A Branch of American Association of Petroleum Geologists 2014-06-28 A Memo of Understanding for Scientific and Cultural Cooperation Between Assiut University and Tokyo Institute, Japan 2014-06-24 The executive manager of ICTP projects visits the Art corner of the faculty of education- New Valley 2014-06-21 Assiut University President Returns from a Visit to Jordan and Algeria 2014-06-20 Job Opportunity for Assiut Heart Center 2014-05-26 A Workshop in DNA Lab. for Forensic Medicine and Diagnosis 2014-05-22 Hiring new department heads 2014-05-19 Out of national responsibility Assuit university launches a campaign to rationalize electricity consumption. 2014-05-18 Congratulations to Prof. Dr. Essam Mohamed Abdel-Majeed Mannaa 2014-05-15 Invitation to workshop held by German Academic exchange service (DAAD) in cooperation with Assuit University. 2014-05-14 The president of Assuit university Prof.Mohammed Abdel-Sameea confirms the decision of firing 15 students according to the universities higher supreme council laws and legislations. 2014-05-13 MATLAB training course 2014-05-12 Assiut International Day of Hemophilia Seminar 2014-04-30 Gastrointestinal Endoscopy Workshop 2014-04-29 Center announces the public service at the Faculty of Educational Assiut University College is accredited by National Quality Assurance 2014-04-28 The first conference for students of the Faculty of Physical Education 2014-04-27 Assiut University Adopts Initiative To Develop Upper Egypt With Fareed Khamees Foundation for Environment Development 2014-04-14 Memorandum of Understanding: Scientific and Cultural Cooperation between Assiut University and Zaytouna Libyan University 2014-04-12 Assiut University President Is Back From Malaysia 2014-04-08 Egyptians House Officers Project for Education 2014-04-08 Visit Birzeit University and the American University of Beirut Faculty of Education at the University of Assiut 2014-04-01 Faculty of Physical Education, Assiut University Win the Poll to Organize the Eleventh International Conference of the International Network of Sport and Health Sciences 2014-03-30 The 6th Annual Scientific Conference of South Egypt Cancer Institute (1-5 ِApril 2014) 2014-03-29 Inaugurating the final exhibition of the First International Porcelain Workshop, Assiut University President emphasizes the importance of communication with the various world art schools 2014-03-18 The Proceedings of the Second International Conference on: The Freedom of Thought and Innovation: Foundations and Constraints 2014-03-17 In Activation of an Agreement: German Student Delegation Visits Assiut University 2014-03-15 Visit to Burdue University Yields 2014-03-08 Free Cloud Service from Microsoft (7 gigabyte) 2014-03-03 A protocol of cooperation between the General Authority for Adult Education and the Faculty of Education, University of Asyut 2014-03-03 Adoption of internal criteria for acceptance master s and doctoral degrees Department of Psychology 2014-03-03 Annual Scientific Conference of Chest Diseases Department 2014-02-27 The introductory workshop for demonstrator and assistant lecturer of faculty members, Department of Curriculum and Teaching Physical Education 2014-02-27 The First Conference of the Pediatric Neurology Unit 2014-02-24 "Microsoft" bring feature for users of the electronic signature "Office 365" 2014-02-20 1st Scientific Conference of Assiut Neuropediatric 2014-02-20 Project for building the capacity of middle and senior cadres in government institutions in the field of information and communication technology for development 2014-02-17 First Scientific Conference of Assiut Neuropediatric Unit 2014-02-15 (TIEC) opened the door for the progress of technological incubators 2014-02-10 Assiut University Hosts the First National Students’ Festival 2014-01-29 Congratulations to The New Vice Dean of The community Services and Environment Development Profeesor Hassan Younis 2014-01-27 The First Forum on Egyptian Water Security Between Historical Rights and Regional Ambitions 2014-01-19 Best Student Website Competition 2014 2014-01-18 Discussion of a masters Scholar / Taha Mohammed El-Sayd mohammed 2014-01-18 CPR Round Course 2014-01-16 Infection Control Course 2014-01-16 Candle Manufacturing Machine Developed by Engineering Students Assiut University 2014-01-12 Assiut University 9th International Pharmaceutical Sciences Conference 2014-01-12 Meeting of Educational Process Follow-Up Committee 2014-01-11 The James Cook Regional Anaesthesia Course 2014-01-11 Opening of the Assisted Human Fertilization Unit at Women’s Health Hospital, Assiut University 2014-01-09 The Maintenance Schedule in Assiut University 2014-01-09 Smart Card System for fuel Purchases Deadline 10-1-2014 2014-01-09 DNA Lab for Forensic Medicine from Fiction to Reality Workshop 2014-01-09 A Training Program in Assiut University for Shoulder Endoscopy According to the International Standards 2014-01-08 Openning of Assisted Fertilizations Unit 2014-01-04 Organizing a Top Play course 2014-01-02 Protocol of Cooperation between Assiut University and the Ministry of Housing: The Project of Assiut National University is the Core of A Meeting Between The Minister of Housing, Assiut Governor, and Assiut University President 2014-01-01 Assiut University President Meets the Chairman of the Japanese Architects Association 2013-12-23 Assiut University Students Invent Cane–Reaping Machine 2013-12-18 Specialized Cup for Faculty of Medicine 2013-12-17 For the first time in Faculty of Agriculture 2013-12-16 A Public Invitaion from The Architectural Engineering Department 2013-12-15 A certificate of appreciation to the Plastic Surgery Department 2013-12-11 Assiut University Professor Obtains a Patent In the Medical Field 2013-12-10 Public Invitation From Community Services and Environment Development 2013-12-09 An invitation to attend a seminar on noise pollution college 2013-12-09 Centers of physical education faculty in university championship 2013-12-08 The third Sports Day for the faculty members , staff and students at the Faculty of Education 2013-12-07 Assiut University President Meets Saudi Health Officials 2013-12-05 Ceremony of Tumor Patients 2013-12-05 Photo surfaces of color and elements of the artist written by Dr. / Khalid Mustafa quality of Assiut Monday, 12/02/2013 2013-12-02 a workshop entitled " an introduction to the academic leadership 2013-12-02 time management and the academic leadership 2013-12-02 An Announcement from Suez Canal University 2013-12-01 Congratulations to Prof. Dr. Hesham El-Qady 2013-12-01 Interactive Learning Unit, Faculty of Medicine 2013-11-30 Cultural symposium for recycling household waste, Faculty of Specific Education, Assiut on Wednesday, 11/27/2013 AD 2013-11-30