Assiut University Assiut University Lecture schedule and practical lessons in the first semester (undergraduate + postgraduate) for the academic year 2017/2018 2017-10-09 Assiut University President Announces News of A New Oncology Hospital At Al-Beisary District On An Area of 10000 Sq Meters 2017-10-08 Assiut the Capital Which Has Never Been A Cultural Lecture Shedding Light on the Archaeological and Historical Status of the Province 2017-10-04 Joint Protocol Signed between the Faculty of Medicine and the Faculty of Computers and Information 2017-10-01 Assiut University President meets the Dean of Civilization and Archaeology, Berlin University 2017-09-28 Commencement of Operating Three New Endoscopic Units at South Egypt Cancer Institute 2017-09-27 In Cooperation with the American University in Cairo (AUC), Assiut University Offers Grants for Training its Hospitals Staff on Fighting Infection, Hospital Management, and Comprehensive Quality 2017-09-18 Assiut University President Participates with the University Students While they Salute the Flag and Sing the Republic Anthem on the First Day of the New Academic Year 2017-2018 2017-09-17 Assiut University President Visits the University Faculties to Follow-Up On the First Day of the New Academic Year 2017-09-17 Assiut University President Heads a Delegation of 148 Students and Supervisors to Participate in the Proceedings of Eleventh Festival of Universities Youth-Week 2017-09-14 Assiut University President Asserts the University's Support for the Needy Students and Reassures the Priority of Accommodation of Academically Distinguished Students 2017-09-14 150 Female Preachers from Al-Awqaf and Churches of Assiut and Sohag Participate in the Program for Raising Awareness Entitled: Together for the Service of the Nation 2017-09-13 Assiut University President Condemns the Terrorist Attack at North Sinai and condoles the Martyrs and Calls for Unity to Fight Intellectual terrorism 2017-09-12 Assiut University Announces a Number of Academic Vacancies at the Faculties of Physical Education and Fine Arts 2017-09-11 Assiut University Receives a 250.000 (Two Hundred Fifty Thousand Egyptian Pounds)-Donation from Assiut Governorate In Support of Needy Patients at the South Egypt Cancer Institute 2017-09-11 Assiut University President Honors His Vice President for Education and Students Affairs on the Occasion of the Latter's Retirement 2017-09-10 New Department Heads at the Faculties of Medicine, Pharmacy, Agriculture, and South Egypt Cancer Institute 2017-09-10 Assiut University President Inaugurates Project for Enlarging and Development of The Olympic Village Sectors and a New Rowing Club 2017-09-09 Assiut University President Heads a Meeting with Faculty Deans to Review all Preparations for the New Academic Year 2017-09-07 Assiut University President Visits the Patients at the Students' Hospital and Follows the Current Works of Development 2017-09-06 Assiut University President Follows the First-Day Medical Exams of Newly Admitted Students with Specific Check of Hepatitis C to Ensure Treatment of Students Who Show Positive Results 2017-09-05 Upper Egyptian First Successful Case Treatment of a Patient Suffering from Acute Chronic Clot by the Use of Interventional Catheter and Coagulant Solvents 2017-08-30 A Master's Degree Offers a New Design for the Storage of Mobile Data 2017-08-30 For the First Time in Upper Egypt, State-Sponsored Treatment Shares in the Costs of a Corneal Transplant Surgery for a Female Patient at Assiut University Hospital 2017-08-28 Assiut University Announces the 100% Success of 20 Kidney Transplants and 70% of the Donors were Women 2017-08-27 Assiut University Takes Part in the Development of Leaders Preparation Institute, Helwan and the Faculty of Fine Arts Adds the Artistic and Aesthetic Touch at the Roman Theatre and the Adjacent Garden 2017-08-23 Women's Health University Hospital Commences Physicians' Training on the State-of-the-Art Diagnostic Apparatuses 2017-08-23 Assiut University President Approves the Renewal of Dr. Mansour Al-Mansi's Deanship of the Faculty of Fine Arts 2017-08-20 Faculty of Computers and Information Participates in the International Summer School on the Application of Technology on Biodiversity Informatics 2017-08-17 Assiut University Researcher Wins Consultant Mohamed Shawqi Al-Fangary's Encouragement Prize for Best Research in Serving Egypt 2017-08-16 Assiut University Announces Renewal of Academic Accreditation of the Faculty of Science 2017-08-16 Assiut University Professor Appointed Dean of the Faculty of Law, South Valley University 2017-08-16 Assiut University Announces its Private Programs Offered to New Students 2017-08-15 PhD Dissertation by Yemeni Graduate Student of Assiut University Recommends Change of Civil and Commercial Laws to Use Electronic Media as a Means of Evidence 2017-08-15 Congratulation 2017-08-15 Faculty of Engineering Congratulates Assiut University President on the Occasion of the Renewal of Academic Accreditation for the Faculty of Science by the National Authority for Quality Assurance and Accreditation of Education (NAQAAE) 2017-08-15 Assiut University Undertakes a Bunch of New Procedures to Facilitate the Admission of its International Students 2017-08-14 Dean of Fine Arts Opens an Art Exhibition on: "Prominent Sculpture: Form and Content" 2017-08-14 Assiut University Students Arrive After Ending Their Cultural and Educational Trip to Russia 2017-08-13 Assiut University Council Approves Granting 26 Doctorate Degrees and 78 Masters at the Various University Faculties in the Main Campus the New Valley Regional Campus 2017-08-10 Assiut University Council Approves the Promotion and Appointment of 15 Lecturers at the various university faculties in the main campus and the New Valley regional campus 2017-08-10 Three Electronic Coordination (Tanseeq) Offices Resume Duty to Receive Third Stage Applicants and Register their Priorities 2017-08-10 Congratulations from the Faculty of Engineering to Mr. Dr. Mazen Shafiq on the occasion of the celebration of the feast of science by the President of the Republic 2017-08-09 Assiut University Council Approves the Promotion of Twelve Full Professors and Eight Associate Professors at Different Faculties 2017-08-08 Assiut University President Renews Assignment of the Sugar Technology Research Institute Dean and New Engineering Department Heads 2017-08-07 New Vice-Dean and Department Heads at the Faculty of Agriculture 2017-08-07 On the First Anniversary of the Anti-Harassment Unit, United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) Shares Celebration with Assiut University 2017-08-06 Information Technology Institute, Assiut University Invites Egyptian Universities' Alumni for Registration and Participation in the Scholarship Granted by the Ministry of Communications for the Study of Professional Training 2017-07-31 Intensive Care Unit, Pediatrics University Hospital Is Now Ready for Opening Next Month 2017-07-31 The Family of Dr. Ahmed Hafez Offers a Five-Thousand-Pound Scholarship to One of the Distinguished Assiut University Students in Honor of Late Dr. Ahmed Hafez's Name 2017-07-30 Assiut University President Is Back After a Short Visit to Pyatigorsk University, Federal Russia 2017-07-24 Assiut University Announces the Renewal of Accreditation Obtained by its Faculty of Pharmacy 2017-07-24 Assiut University Presidents Congratulates President Sisi, the Armed Forces, and the Glorious Egyptian People on the Memory of the 23 July Revolution 2017-07-23 In a Generous and Humanistic Attitude Assiut University President: the University Welcomes the High School Distinguished Student from Al-Badary and Waivers all University Study and Hostel Fees to Honor him 2017-07-20 Ministry of Higher Education Adds Dean of Fine Arts, Assiut University as Member of the Supreme Committee for Egyptian Universities Students' Activities 2017-07-20 Assiut University Extends the Deadline for Eligibility Qualifying Tests at the Faculty of Fine Arts to July 22, 2017 2017-07-20 Minister of Higher Education Esteems Assiut University Status During His Visit to its Venue in the International Conference for Higher Education 2017-07-20 President of Pyatigorsk University Receives a Delegation of Assiut University Students 2017-07-19 Assiut University Commences A New Educational Program in Medicine and Surgery in 2017/2018 2017-07-19 Assiut University Faculty of Fine Arts Ends Its Admission Tests on Wednesday July 19, 2017 2017-07-18 Assiut University Announces Eligibility Requirements for Students' Accommodation at the University Hostels 2017-07-18 Assiut University Signs an Agreement with the Pharmacists Syndicate to Let Utilizing the Facilities of the Olympic Village 2017-07-17 Assiut University Holds a Workshop to Prepare for the Second Renewal of the ISO 9001 2017-07-17 First Assiut University Students Delegation Arrives in Russia in a Cultural and Educational Visit 2017-07-16 University Hostels Opens for Students' Applications for the Academic Year 2017/2018 2017-07-15 New appointments at the University of Assiut, which includes an agent for quality education and heads of new departments in the faculties of agriculture and social service 2017-07-04 Assiut University President Follows the Faculty of Commerce Graduate Exams 2017-07-03 Assiut University Assigns Three Electronic Coordination (Tanseeq) Offices to Facilitate New Students' Registration 2017-07-02 Assiut University Completes the Change in the By-Law of the Faculty of Dentistry 2017-06-28 Assiut university Council Congratulate The President of the Republic and the Entire people of Egypt on the Occasion of the Blessed Eid Al Fitr 2017-06-22 Assiut University Council approves granting 32 Doctorate Degrees and 34 Master Degrees in different Faculties 2017-06-21 Announcing the Dean of Fine Arts Member of the Supreme Committee of the First Carving Symposium for Egyptian Universities Students 2017-06-19 Assiut University Council Approves the Promotion of Seven Lecturers in Different Faculties 2017-06-19 Assiut University Council Approves the Promotion of Four Professors in Engineering and Science 2017-06-18 Assiut University Council Approves the Promotion of 13 Associate Professors in Different Faculties 2017-06-18 South Valley Association for Chest and Allergy Diseases Launches An Enlarged Medical Conference Late June 2017-06-15 Assiut University President Opens A New Soccer's Playground and Billiard Hall in the Dormitory's Playgrounds Complex 2017-05-23 Employment o 25 Lecturers in the various Faculties 2017-05-17 Jordanian Minister for Media Honors Assiut University President during his Participation in the Proceedings of Zarqa Conference 2017-05-17 Assiut University Arranges a Tourist Program for Russian Students to Visit Luxor Archeological Landmarks 2017-05-15 In Cooperation with the Egyptian Information Bank Assiut University tends to Qualify its Researchers on the knowledge on the basics of International Ranking and Scholarships for PhD studies Abroad. 2017-05-15 Assiut University celebrates the graduation of Nursing Alumni Batch 30 2017-05-14 Assiut University Celebrates the Science Day and honors the Alumni of Batches 56 and 57 2017-05-11 Assiut University Council Approves the recruitment of one Professor and 5 Associate Professors at different Faculties 2017-05-10 French Language Studies Centre exposes its cultural and Scientific activities 2017-05-09 Assiut University celebrates a Day for High Blood Pressure Under the slogan "Know Your Number" 2017-05-09 Assiut University President Visits the Faculty of Arts and Checks Open Education Exams 2017-05-08 Prof. Ahmed A. Gaeis follows the Renewal of the Faculty of Arts Theatre and visits the Sugar Research Technology Institute 2017-05-08 Assiut University and Yemeni Al Saeed University Sign a Memorandum of Understanding in the Field Scientific Research, Education, and Program Development 2017-05-07 Assiut University President Checks the Progress in the Final Construction of an Integrated Building for the Faculty of Dentistry 2017-05-07 Assiut University President Meets A Delegation From The Korean KoreaTech University to Follow-Up the Joint Project Between the Two Universities May 4th 2017 2017-05-04 In His Meeting with the Delegate from the National Authority for Quality Assurance and Accreditation of Education (NAQAAE) Assiut University President Assures the Distinction of the University by its Private Programs 2017-05-03 Means of Cooperation and Joint Work in the Field of Training and Qualifying Between Assiut University and Yemeni University of Aden 2017-05-03 "The New Valley and Privacy of Place" in the Art Exhibition, Assiut University 2017-05-03 With Support of Friends Society of South Egypt Cancer Institute, the Department of Cancer Pathology Commences a Development Plan by Receipt of Sample Passing Apparatus 2017-05-02 A Follow-Up and Technical Support Team from the Ministry of Higher Education in the Hospitality of Assiut University 2017-05-02 In its 24th Alumni Celebration Vice President Participates with the Faculty of Specific Education 2017-04-30 With participation of 6 Scientists from India and more than 30 Trainee Physicians from various parts of the country, Assiut University concludes the proceedings of the Advanced medical Program for the recreation of Injury cases 2017-04-29 Assiut University Council Congratulates Prof. Atef Abul-Wafa On His New Position as Vice President for the New Valley Regional Campus 2017-04-27 Department of Orthopedics, Faculty of Medicine honors the University President, Vice President, the Pioneers of Orthopedics, and the Members of the Egyptian Orthopedics Society 2017-04-27