Assiut University Assiut University Assiut University Completes the Change in the By-Law of the Faculty of Dentistry 2017-06-28 Assiut university Council Congratulate The President of the Republic and the Entire people of Egypt on the Occasion of the Blessed Eid Al Fitr 2017-06-22 Assiut University Council approves granting 32 Doctorate Degrees and 34 Master Degrees in different Faculties 2017-06-21 Announcing the Dean of Fine Arts Member of the Supreme Committee of the First Carving Symposium for Egyptian Universities Students 2017-06-19 Assiut University Council Approves the Promotion of Seven Lecturers in Different Faculties 2017-06-19 Assiut University Council Approves the Promotion of Four Professors in Engineering and Science 2017-06-18 Assiut University Council Approves the Promotion of 13 Associate Professors in Different Faculties 2017-06-18 South Valley Association for Chest and Allergy Diseases Launches An Enlarged Medical Conference Late June 2017-06-15 Assiut University President Opens A New Soccer's Playground and Billiard Hall in the Dormitory's Playgrounds Complex 2017-05-23 Employment o 25 Lecturers in the various Faculties 2017-05-17 Jordanian Minister for Media Honors Assiut University President during his Participation in the Proceedings of Zarqa Conference 2017-05-17 Assiut University Arranges a Tourist Program for Russian Students to Visit Luxor Archeological Landmarks 2017-05-15 In Cooperation with the Egyptian Information Bank Assiut University tends to Qualify its Researchers on the knowledge on the basics of International Ranking and Scholarships for PhD studies Abroad. 2017-05-15 Assiut University celebrates the graduation of Nursing Alumni Batch 30 2017-05-14 Assiut University Celebrates the Science Day and honors the Alumni of Batches 56 and 57 2017-05-11 Assiut University Council Approves the recruitment of one Professor and 5 Associate Professors at different Faculties 2017-05-10 French Language Studies Centre exposes its cultural and Scientific activities 2017-05-09 Assiut University celebrates a Day for High Blood Pressure Under the slogan "Know Your Number" 2017-05-09 Assiut University President Visits the Faculty of Arts and Checks Open Education Exams 2017-05-08 Prof. Ahmed A. Gaeis follows the Renewal of the Faculty of Arts Theatre and visits the Sugar Research Technology Institute 2017-05-08 Assiut University and Yemeni Al Saeed University Sign a Memorandum of Understanding in the Field Scientific Research, Education, and Program Development 2017-05-07 Assiut University President Checks the Progress in the Final Construction of an Integrated Building for the Faculty of Dentistry 2017-05-07 Assiut University President Meets A Delegation From The Korean KoreaTech University to Follow-Up the Joint Project Between the Two Universities May 4th 2017 2017-05-04 In His Meeting with the Delegate from the National Authority for Quality Assurance and Accreditation of Education (NAQAAE) Assiut University President Assures the Distinction of the University by its Private Programs 2017-05-03 Means of Cooperation and Joint Work in the Field of Training and Qualifying Between Assiut University and Yemeni University of Aden 2017-05-03 "The New Valley and Privacy of Place" in the Art Exhibition, Assiut University 2017-05-03 With Support of Friends Society of South Egypt Cancer Institute, the Department of Cancer Pathology Commences a Development Plan by Receipt of Sample Passing Apparatus 2017-05-02 A Follow-Up and Technical Support Team from the Ministry of Higher Education in the Hospitality of Assiut University 2017-05-02 In its 24th Alumni Celebration Vice President Participates with the Faculty of Specific Education 2017-04-30 With participation of 6 Scientists from India and more than 30 Trainee Physicians from various parts of the country, Assiut University concludes the proceedings of the Advanced medical Program for the recreation of Injury cases 2017-04-29 Assiut University Council Congratulates Prof. Atef Abul-Wafa On His New Position as Vice President for the New Valley Regional Campus 2017-04-27 Department of Orthopedics, Faculty of Medicine honors the University President, Vice President, the Pioneers of Orthopedics, and the Members of the Egyptian Orthopedics Society 2017-04-27 Assiut University Council Honors the Secretary General on the Occasion of His Retirement 2017-04-26 South Egypt Cancer Institute Medical Team manages to Enucleate a Huge Cancerous Tumor 2017-04-24 35 Trainee Physicians from Egypt, Arab, and African Countries Participate in the Sixth Training Program for Laparoscopy and Joint Ligament Surgery at Assiut University 2017-04-23 South Korean Ambassador Concludes his Visit to Assiut University with a Tour in the Faculty of Engineering to Follow Up its project with Koreatech 2017-04-23 First Student Research Conference of the Faculty of Pharmacy in April 2017 2017-04-23 Korean Language, Scholarships, and Joint Academic Degrees: Core Points in the Discussions of Assiut University President and the Korean Ambassador 2017-04-20 Assiut University President Meets 20 Russian students from the Universities of Dagestan and Pyatigorsk 2017-04-19 After Meeting the President of Yemeni University of Taez, Assiut University Signs a memorandum of Understanding for Academic and Cultural Exchange Between the Two Universities 2017-04-13 Assiut University Holds A Medical Conference On The "New Trends In The Treatment of a Number Of Dermatological And Reproductive Diseases Of Masculinity 2017-04-13 In His Scientific Lecture at the Faculty of Medicine, Dr. Sugano Asserts the Importance of the Genetic Substance and Its Impact on Human Growth and Development 2017-04-12 Assiut University's 31st Medical Conference Condemns the Despicable Crimes of Terrorism and Stands a Minute of Mourning for the Souls of the Martyrs of the Churches 2017-04-12 Assiut Governor and the University President Attend a Seminar for Evaluating the Environmental Impact of Establishing a Complex for Hydrogen Breaking of Oil at an Investment Cost of 1853 Million Dollars 2017-04-10 In the Honorary Presence of HE Minister of Commerce and Industry, the Chairperson of Scientific Research Academy, Governors of Assiut, Sohag, and the New Valley 2017-04-09 Governors of Assiut and Sohag Inaugurate the 5th annual Conference of the Dept. of Psycho Neurological Diseases 2017-04-08 A Protocol of Cooperation between South Egypt Cancer Institute, Assiut University and the Lawyers Syndicate 2017-04-05 Assiut University Holds an Agreement for Cultural and scientific Exchange with the Syrian Al-Hawash University 2017-04-04 Assiut University President Seeks Cooperation with the UNFPA to Support Upper Egyptian Women 2017-04-03 Chief United Nations Nuclear Energy Expert Attends a Scientific Symposium at Assiut University 2017-03-26 Symposium on the Japanese Educational System: First Japanese School to be Established in Upper Egypt in the New Assiut City 2017-03-26 Invitation to program (industry and environmental impact in Assiut governorate) 2017-03-26 Report on the course of occupational safety and health 2017-03-26 Assiut University President Opens the First Clinical Laboratory in Upper Egypt for Intravenous Feeding in Assiut University Pediatric Hospital 2017-03-22 A Report about the Faculty Visit to Assiut Petroleum Pipelines Company 2017-03-22 The scientific symposium between the College of Education and the Japanese Embassy in Cairo 2017-03-22 Assiut University Holds an Environmental Forum on Genetic -Engineering-Processed Food: Merits and Demerits 2017-03-21 Assiut University President Calls Upon Institutions and Individuals to Bear Their Responsibility in Supporting Children With Special Needs 2017-03-20 El-Nagdy Gives the Opening Speech for the Sixth Scientific Conference Entitled 2017-03-16 On the Occasion of Announcing the Year 2017 as the Year for Egyptian Women, Assiut University President Leads a Student Rally During the Opening Proceedings of the 36th Scouting Round 2017-03-14 Luxor Governor Esteems the Role of Assiut University in Encouraging Tourism in Luxor 2017-03-12 In Conclusion of its International Conference on the Sustainable Development in Africa, Assiut University Launches a Scientific Geological Trip 2017-03-10 Governor of Assiut, the University President, and Eminent Chest Physicians Open the Annual Conference of the Department of Chest Diseases on the Frequent Questions in Pulmonary Medicine 2017-03-09 In Their International Conference on the Sustainable Development in Africa Assiut University Scientists Declare the Validity of the Clay in the Palm Valley, Red Sea as a Non-traditional Source of Energy 2017-03-08 Assiut University Hosts a Delegation of German Students from Magdeburg University 2017-03-05 A Symposium about Industry and its Environmental Effects in Assiut 2017-03-05 In Collaboration with Fulbright Commission, Assiut University Announces for Graduate Grants for Studying in the United States 2017-03-02 Technological Brooder Hemmah Opens its First Competition: "Hakthon Watering of the South in the Presence of a Number of Young Discoverers 2017-03-01 Al Rajhi Liver Hospital, Assiut University Announces the Success of the Eighth Liver Transplant Surgery 2017-02-28 Assiut University President Allocates the Lobby of the Major Conference Hall for Exhibiting Colleges' Products and Students' Activities 2017-02-28 Libya, Algeria, and Kuwait Win the Best Research in the Seventh International Conference for Quality Assurance of Higher Education 2017-02-28 Assiut University President Accompanies Arab Guests From 14 Arab Countries in a Visit Tour to Tourist Landmarks Luxor 2017-02-27 Assiut University President Allocates the Lobby of the Major Conference Hall for Exhibiting Colleges' Products and Students' Activities 2017-02-27 In a Formal Dinner for Oncology Conference Participants, Luxor Governor Dines with Assiut University President and the Delegation of Association of Arab Universities 2017-02-27 NAQAAE Chair Announces: Assiut University Ranks Second Accredited University Nationwide After Cairo University 2017-02-22 Opening the Eighth International Conference of the Department of Tumors and Nuclear Medicine at Assiut University 2017-02-22 Assiut University President Meets The President of the Applied Science University, Kingdom of Bahrain 2017-02-22 Visiting Assiut University for the Second Time: Spanish Expert Diego Gonzales Hosted by Department of Cardiology and Chest Surgeries 2017-02-22 Opening the Proceedings of the Seventh International Conference for Quality Assurance at Assiut University 2017-02-21 The creation of micro teaching laboratory in the College of Education 2017-02-21 The Committee on Graduate Studies and Research meeting chaired by Ms. D / Madiha Hosni Darwish, Vice Dean for Graduate Studies and Research 2017-02-15 The participation of the College of Education in the societal comprehensive discourse conference and education reform in Assiut governorate 2017-02-09 Assiut University Operates the New Linear Accelerator and Pursues the Service of Radio-Therapy at the South Egypt Cancer Institute 2017-02-08 Assiut University Conference on Oily Clay and the Non-Traditional Sources of Energy for Sustainable Development in Africa 2017-02-06 Recommendation of awarding the Doctor of Philosophy degree in Pharmaceutical Sciences (Pharmaceutics) to Pharmacist/ Aml Emam Abdel-Ghany. 2017-02-02 Approval of the appointment of Pharmacist/ Nermin El-Sayed Ali Mohamed El-Eraky as Lecturer in the Department of Pharmaceutics, Faculty of Pharmacy, Assiut University 2017-02-02 Ministry of Higher Education Delegation Visits Assiut University and Acknowledges the Fulfillment of the Administrative System Development and Qualifying Project 2017-01-31 Governor of Assiut and Assiut University President Honor the Medical Team who Managed the First Marrow Transplant for a Child in Upper Egypt 2017-01-24 Congratulations from the Faculty of Engineering to Prof. Dr. Ahmed Abdo Jaeis, President of the University on the occasion of obtaining the University of ISO 2017-01-23 English Proficiency Course (ELPT) to award degrees 2017-01-23 Assiut University Participates in the Proceedings of the Week-Program on Human Rights in Governorates 2017-01-22 Assiut University Hosts the Association of Arab Universities Conference for Quality Assurance of Higher Education in the Arab World 2017-01-22 Renewal of the ISO 9001 Certificate: Assiut University President Praises the Efficiency of the Administrative Body 2017-01-22 A Joint Scientific Project between Assiut University and Korean KoreaTech Univ. in the Field of Engineering 2017-01-19 Assiut University Saves the Life of a Young Physician by a Successful Kidney Transplant Operation 2017-01-19 South Egypt Cancer Institute, Assiut University Holds a Workshop on the Recent Applications of International Quality Standards and Blood Diseases 2017-01-17 A Cooperation Protocol between Assiut University and Al-Orman Association to Support the University Cardiology Hospital 2017-01-17 Assiut University Faculty of Medicine Poses a First Time Discussion on the Intervention and Relationship between Cardiology and Oncology 2017-01-15 Facilitating of the Procedures and Uplifting Medical Service, the Urinary Tract and Kidney Hospital, Assiut University Starts its Collective Medical Clinic and One-Desk-Work System 2017-01-15 The Sixth Scientific Conference ( Teacher Formation System--Challenges and Development Policies) 2017-01-11