Assiut University Assiut University Vice-Presidents Meets National Coordinator of the European Union for Higher Education 2016-10-05 Assiut University Signs a Memo of Understanding with the Spanish Antonio de Nebrija University in Fields of Human Sciences and Health 2016-10-01 Assiut University President Meets AMIDEAST Officer in-charge of the Educational Scholarships Program 2016-10-01 During A Meeting with the Assiut University President, Al-Orman Society Announces the Establishment of A Cardio-Foundation to Support the University Cardic Centre 2016-09-25 Proceedings of the Second Scientific Conference for Young Researchers Begin at the Faculty of Social Work, Assiut University 2016-09-25 Master's Degree From British Universities: A Workshop on Chevening Program at Assiut University 2016-09-22 Al Rajhi Hospital for Liver Continues Distinction in liver Transplant Surgeries in Upper Egypt 2016-09-21 South Egypt Cancer Institute: Dean Receives a Delegation from the Second Evangelical Church in Assiut 2016-09-21 Al-Azhar Scholars Visit South Egypt Cancer Institute, Assiut University 2016-09-10 Assiut University Hospital Receives A Dialysis Unit 2016-08-31 Electrical Engineering Department, Assiut University shows for the first time at the Shanghai World ranking of universities 2016-08-29 Assiut University Signs a Memorandum of Understanding for Academic Exchange With the Korean University for Technology and Education 2016-08-22 With more than 150 participants, Assiut University concludes the Forum on National Dialogue of Youth 2016-08-22 Abdominal Cancerous Tumor Weighing 38 Kg Removed From an Elderly Female Patient in South Egypt Cancer Institute, Assiut University 2016-08-17 A Technical Support and Follow-Up Team from the Ministry of Higher Education Visits Assiut University Labs 2016-08-16 Assiut University Announces the Application of the Nano-Knife For the First Time in Upper Egypt in the South Egypt Cancer Institute 2016-08-15 Assiut University Saves a Young Man's Life by the First Marrow Transplant Operation in Upper Egypt at the South Egypt Cancer Institute 2016-08-14 announces the start of the study Bachelor 2016-07-31 An Honoring Ceremony for Professor/ Mazen Abd El-Salam for Winning The Nile Award in Science and Advanced Technology 2016-06-21 Assiut University Professor Wins State Award in the Field of Political Systems 2016-06-08 Assiut University Pursues the Successful Work of the First Experiment Using Solar Cells Moving in Multiple Directions 2016-06-07 Assiut University Celebrates the International Day for Environment by planting 200 Fruitful Trees 2016-06-02 Increase of scholarships and opportunities of English Language Learning: Main aim of the meeting between Assiut University President and The British Ambassador in Cairo 2016-06-02 Assiut University President is Back from Spain After Participating in The Third Arab Conference on Higher Education 2016-05-29 Reactions to establishing "Evaluating and Improving The Quality of Egyptian Raw Materials Centre" in South Valley 2016-05-26 A Memo of Understanding between Assiut University and The Islamic Universities Association 2016-05-25 Chairman of the Department of Ophthalmology, Assiut University Wins the Best Research Award in an International Conference in the USA 2016-05-25 Assiut University Signs a Memo Understanding with the Specific Union for the Health System Development Fighting Virus "C" 2016-05-19 Assiut University President Asserts: President Al Sisi's Visit to Upper Egypt is a Clear Evidence of the State's Consideration to give Priority to the Development of Upper Egypt 2016-05-18 Assiut University Council Approves two Understanding Memos with King Faisal University, Chad 2016-05-18 Congratulations to Professor Mazen Abd E-Salam 2016-05-18 A symposium about Evaluating and Improving The Quality of Egyptian Raw Materials in South Valley" Centre 2016-05-18 Memo of Understanding for Scientific Exchange and joint work between Assiut University and Mexican Sinaloa University 2016-05-05 The Open Day in The Faculty of Engineering 2016-05-04 A Public invitation to Attend "Developing Slums in Upper Egypt" Symposium 2016-05-03 The Union is at Risk: A Warning Cry emitted by Assiut University Students during the ending proceedings of the European Union Simulation Praxis 2016-04-28 THE 55th Graduation Ceremony 2016-04-21 The Scientific Guide in the Faculty of Engineering 2016-04-19 public Invitation to Attend a Lecture about Postgraduate Studies and Scientific Research in Japan 2016-04-18 Recommendations of "Aluminum Industry Challenges in Egypt" Symposium 2016-04-07 Initial Memorandum of Understanding Signed Between Assiut University and King Faisal University, Chad 2016-03-06 With More Than 70-Child-Participant, Assiut University Celebrates Festival of "The Art of Child-Drawing" 2016-03-03 International Conference on "The Role of Media in Countering Terrorism" 2016-03-03 Assiut University President Meets World Bank Delegation 2016-02-28 Spanish Expert of Thoracic Surgery, Diego Gonzalez in Assiut University 2016-02-27 Assiut University Research Team Announces the Formation of a New Catalyst for Industrial Purposes 2016-02-25 Mathematics and its Applications Conference 2016-02-16 An International Memorandum of Understanding between the University of Assiut and the Mexican Yucatan Center for Scientific Research 2016-01-17 Technology and Nanomaterials in a Scientific Forum at the University of Assiut 2016-01-11 Congratulations for Dr./ Ahmed Abdo geaies 2016-01-04 2nd Monthly Scientific Day of Faculty of Medicine 2015-12-17 Cultural, educational, and research cooperation combining Assiut University and the University of Messina, Italy, in a memorandum of understanding 2015-12-02 A Seminar on the Projects of Developing Higher Education funded by the European Union at the University of Assiut 2015-12-01 International Workshop In ( Biodialog Project | Promote intercultural Dialog ) from 24 to 26 November 2015 2015-11-22 The first exhibition of old books Physics Department 2015-11-18 Flow Cytometry Laboratory South Egypt Cancer Institute Has been accredited by EGAC in compliance with the requirements of ISO 15189:2012 2015-10-21 Now open education program Faculty of Education, Assiut University in collaboration with the University of Alexandria for the academic year 2015/2016 AD 2015-08-29 Ultrasound Guided-Lower Limb Block Workshop Invitation 2015-07-27 The Invention of Sensor Wireless System to Reduce the Phenomenon of Power Outage at Assiut University 2015-07-04 Inmportant Announcement about using Air Conditioners in The University 2015-07-04 Students at the Faculty of Engineering Invents a Lightening System by Solar Power at a Low Cost 2015-07-01 A research team from the Faculty of Science at Assiut University reaches an invention to use natural Egyptian products as industrial catalysts 2015-06-16 Assiut University wins the sixth place in the competition of the Ministry of Culture 2015-06-16 Assiut University fights the spread of poor and counterfeit medicine through a distinguished project to track the quality of medicine 2015-06-11 The Opening of the First Unit in Upper Egypt for the Pediatric Orthopedic Surgery at Assiut University Hospitals 2015-05-21 Students of Assiut Univerity Innovate a Submarine for Underwater Exploration 2015-05-21 A National Project to Declare Assiut University Free of Hepatitis B & C by 2020 2015-05-20 An American Physician gives three scientific lectures and observes around 15 traumatic cases during his visit to Assiut University 2015-05-11 A memorandum of understanding between Assiut University and the Nigerian University of Sokoto 2015-05-09 Assiut University increases the skills of learning French for the students and faculty members in collaboration with the Library of Alexandria 2015-05-05 Assiut University Celebrates the Science Festival 2015-05-04 A researcher at Assiut University wins Sharjah Prize of Literature about the historical transformations in the library of AL-Azhar mosque 2015-05-03 The family of FCI invites you to attend the alumni ceremony of the ninth and tenth 2015-04-29 Academic and student delegation from the east of Sudan University on a visit to the Faculty of Arts, Assiut University 2015-04-28 President of Assiut University receives Ambassador of Austria during his visit to the University 2015-04-27 Assiut University gives certificates to the students of the Russian Universities (Pyatigorsk and Dagestan) at the end of the period of their study 2015-04-26 The Kenyan Ambassador on a visit to Assiut University to discuss ways to strengthen the bonds of cooperation and joint action 2015-04-26 Tissue Culturing and Molecular Biology Student Project Conference 2015-04-23 "The New in the diagnosis and treatment of Wilms tumor" at the first scientific conference of Children Cancer 2015-04-22 Women's Health Hospital witnesses the first case of twin's birth conceived through ICSI 2015-04-22 An invitation to attend a seminar entitled "Recent labor market revolution in robotics and artificial intelligence." 2015-04-22 In an attempt to develop the cultural and scientific relations: Assiut University Council approves a memorandum of understanding between the university and the University of Islamic Sciences at the Islamic Republic of Mauritania 2015-04-20 A symposium on the culture of the electronic publication of decisions 2015-04-20 Cash Prizes of68 thousand pounds: the outcome of the winning of Assiut University in a number of technical fields at the end of "Ibda'" contest. 2015-04-18 1,500 students participate in the Forum vocational guidance at the University of Assiut 2015-04-16 Mohammed Said Mahfouz Discusses the Role of Youth in the Development of the Media Scene at Assiut University 2015-04-09 Dr. Hassan Salah: Assiut University Hospital Perform the First Kidney Transplant Operation 2015-04-09 A Meeting between Assiut University and the German Fraunhofer Institute to discuss a strategy for food safety in Egypt 2015-03-15 A French doctor donates to conduct a number of micro-surgery for children at Children's Hospital in Assiut University 2015-03-14 Swedish Delegation from Stockholm University Visits Faculty of Education Assiut University 2015-03-10 Commencement of the Day for Fertilizers Industry at the Faculty of Science 2015-03-10 French language courses 2015-03-09 Assiut University President Meets Student Delegation from Russian Universities of Dagestan and Pyatigorsk 2015-03-08 Celebrating Assiut University students Winning Advanced Ranks and Prizes During the Youth Week for University Dorms and Hostels 2015 in Sohag 2015-03-08 Assiut University Hospital Succeeds in the Use of a New Technique in Minute Brain Surgery 2015-03-05 Congratulations to Mr. Prof. Dr. / Mukhaimar Khader Abu Zaid Mohammed toset sovereignty and Dean of the Faculty of Education of the Education andStudent Affairs 2015-02-28 Invitation to attend the Sport for All Festival 2015-02-19 The Annual Conference of Chest Department 2015-02-08 Assiut University Recommendations to Raise Its Rank 2015-02-07 New Policies and Procedures to Attend Conferences and Scientific Meetings 2015-02-07