Assiut University Assiut University Assiut University President Praises the Unit for Hand and Microscopic Surgeries as one of the Leading Units in Egypt and the Middle East 2018-10-17 Assiut University President Receives the Minister of Youth and Sports to Launch the Forum of Youth Dialogue 2018-10-14 Under the Presidential Initiative to Launch Competition Among Egyptian Universities: Assessment Committee Arrives at Assiut University 2018-10-11 Assiut University President Announces the Start of the University’s Celebrations of October Victory Under the Title of A Story of Victory 2018-10-10 Assiut University Announces the Issuing of 64 Research papers and 13 Workshops in its 7th International Conference of Integrated Medicine Held in Cairo and Sudan. 2018-10-08 Assiut University President Signs a Cooperation Protocol Between the General Authority for Adult Education and the Faculty of Education 2018-10-04 Assiut University President Attends the celebration of the students of the French Center for Obtaining the International DELF certificate 2018-09-30 Prime Minister Promises to Provide Necessary Financial Resources to finish the Infrastructure of the Trauma Hospital at Assiut University 2018-09-23 Assiut University President Meets Dean of the Faculty of Law, Zarqa University, Jordan to Discuss Ways of Cooperation 2018-09-09 Assiut University Participates in the Historical Visit of Pope Twadrous to Assiut Governorate 2018-09-06 My Benefits Service initiative for Faculty of Engineering Assiut University 2018-09-06 Follow-up of the examination process of the central and unified competition 2018-09-06 Assiut University Announces: Opening of the First Bakery for Wheat Allergic Patients in the University Hospital 2018-09-05 Assiut University Announces the Success of the 26th Case of Liver Transplant at Al-Rajhi University Hospital 2018-09-03 Assiut University Launches a competition Among the University Faculties to Select the Best for the New Academic Year 2018-09-03 Assiut University President receives the Chairman of Biomass Foundation to Discuss Recycling Project of Agricultural and Animal Residues in the Production of Substances Valid for Usage in Various Industrial Purposes 2018-09-02 Assiut University President Visits a Number of Units and Campus Facilities in Preparation for the New Academic Year 2018-08-30 Assiut University President Attends the Opening Proceedings of the "Surgeons of Upper Egypt" Conference 2018-08-28 Hormone Lab at Assiut University Women's Health Hospital Obtains International Accreditation (EGAC) from the National Council for Accreditation 2018-08-27 Tahia Misr (Long Live Egypt) Media Foundation and Oxford Academy for Consultations and Specialized Studies Declare an Assiut University Professor as the most influential figure of the Year 2017-2018 2018-08-26 American Thoracic Society (ATS) Selects to an Assiut University Professor among its International Referees 2018-08-23 Distinct in Upper Egypt: State Sponsors 55 Corneal Transplant Surgeries in One Year at Assiut University Hospitals 2018-08-22 Assiut University Concludes the Republic Championship for Tennis Held at Dr. Ahmed Gaeis Court located at the University Hostels 2018-08-18 With Local Anesthesia Surgery Assiut University Hospital Rescues the Life of An Elderly Woman by Treating Her Carotid Artery 2018-08-18 Assiut University Reviews Means of Joint Cooperation with KoreaTech University During the Third Phase 2018-08-06 Assiut University President Announces the Renewal of the ISO 9001 Certificate According to the Most Updated Version 2018-07-31 Assiut University Engineering Students Obtain Official International Accreditation from the American Society for Mechanical Engineers 2018-07-19 The Eleventh Assiut University Student Delegation Is Back Upon Completion of An Educational and Cultural Visit to Dagestan University, Russia 2018-07-16 Young Elite Association: Future Cooperation Program between Assiut University and Bibliotheca Alexandrina 2018-07-16 Assiut University President Re-inaugurates the French Studies Centre After Development 2018-07-15 Assiut University President Visits the First MMR Unit, Assiut University Hospitals for Diagnostic and Treatment and Checks the Re-operation of the Linear Accelerator Unit, Tumors Treatment department 2018-07-10 Faculty of Computers and Information Cooperates with Fredrich Schleir University, Germany, Safaqis University, Tunisia in Organizing the Second Program of the Biological Variation 2018-07-03 For the First Time in Upper Egypt, Assiut University Signs Cooperation Protocol to Provide Radar Scan and Remote Sensor Services 2018-06-27 Announcement 2018-06-27 In Collaboration with Upper Egyptian Patients Rescue Association, Assiut University approves the establishment of the first Bakery for Wheat Allergic Patients in the University Hospital 2018-06-12 Al-Sharkawi Unveils the Amounts of Donations and the Rooms Preparation in the Project of 2020 University Hospital for Cancer 2018-05-30 Cancer Recovered Recount their Stories of Defeating the Illness During the University's Celebration of their International Day 2018-05-27 By Signing the Agreement of the South Egypt Cancer Institute El-Gammal Starts his Plan to Computerize the Administrative Work of Assiut University 2018-05-27 Assiut University Succeeds in Saving the Lives of an Egyptian Youngman and Yemeni Citizen by Performing Two Liver Transplants at AL-Rajhi University Hospital 2018-05-23 Assiut University Council Approves A Joint Memo of Understanding Between Assiut University and Universidad Nacional de Asunción, Paraguay 2018-05-21 In Assiut University: A Festive Ramadan Night with Mixed Muslim and Christian Religious Hymns and Poetic Intervals Asserting the Unity of Home Country and the Unity of its People 2018-05-20 Assiut University Signs A Memorandum of Understanding With Nicosia University Cyprus 2018-05-15 In His Visit to Southern Korea Assiut University President Discuses the Establishment of An Advanced Technological University in Collaboration with KoreaTech University 2018-05-14 Assiut University President Signs an Agreement with French Montpellier University 2018-05-14 British Times Ranking Declares Assiut University 301 Among Best 378 Universities of 42 Countries 2018-05-13 Al-Gammal Announces New Cooperation between South Egypt Cancer Institute and the Faculty of Pharmacy for the Development of Cancer Medications 2018-05-08 An invitation from the Faculty of Engineering to attend a seminar entitled (Applications of X-ray Testing Devices in Materials Tests) 2018-05-06 Assiut University Signs A Memorandum of Understanding for Cultural and Scientific Cooperation with Irish Limerick University 2018-05-02 American Purdue University Delegation Visits Assiut University to Discuss Means of Cooperation between the Two Universities 2018-05-02 The Director of the University Hospital For urinary and Kidney Surgery Trained on Kidney Transplantation at German Martin Luther University 2018-04-22 Scholarship and Opportunity: Assiut University Student Forum launched by Starter Team in Collaboration with Assiut University Scientific Committee 2018-04-19 Assiut University President Accompanies his Russian Peer in a Visit to Al-Orman University Hospital for Cardiology 2018-04-19 Presidents of Assiut University and Russian Pyatigorsk University Attend theatrical and Artistic Festival at the Faculty of Kindergarten 2018-04-18 On the Science Day: Assiut University Honors its Scientists and Award-Winning Faculty Members 2018-04-16 In Celebration of the Science Day with Assiut University, the Minister of Higher Education Lays the Foundation Stone to Inaugurate the Establishment Work of the New 2020 University Oncology Hospital Project 2018-04-16 Assiut University Launches the 9th International Conference for Development and Environment in the Arab Nation 2018-04-16 Invitation from the Faculty of Engineering to an environmental symposium entitled 2018-04-10 In the National Conference for Scientific Research Honored by the President of the Republic: Assiut University President Participates with Delegation and Fair for Industrial Projects 2018-03-26 Pioneers and Professors of Chest department Honor Assiut University Administration for their Efforts in Developing Specialized Medical Service 2018-03-25 The Annual Conference of the Department of Curriculum and Teaching Methods, Faculty of Education, Assiut University 2018-03-25 Assiut University Medical Conference Prides Over the Distinction of the Medical Service Provided to Upper Egyptian Patients of Chest Diseases 2018-03-20 Jordanian Philadelphia University Offers Its Coat of Arms in Honor on Assiut University President 2018-03-20 Assiut University Inaugurates the Proceedings of the Annual Scientific Conference of the Department of Dermatology: New Horizons for Dermatological Diseases and Plastic Surgeries 2018-03-19 Assiut University Russian Guests Arrive at the Russian Embassy to vote in the Russian Presidential Elections 2018-03-18 Misr Bank Foundation for Society Service and Development Donates Two Million Egyptian Pounds for the Development of Surgical Rooms at South Egypt Cancer Institute 2018-03-18 Assiut University Organizes a Forum on Renewable and Peaceful Energy – Egypt's Gate for the Future 2018-03-18 From Assiut University: Mehleb Asserts that the Grand Accomplished Projects Impel Egyptians to Confide in Themselves and Promise for Better Future 2018-03-15 General Secretary of the Association of Arab Universities (AAru) Advocates an Increase in the Support of Scientific Research and Arab Researchers and Reveals the Reasons behind the Weakness of Arab Contribution to Scientific Research 2018-03-14 General Secretary of the Association of Arab Universities (AArU) and Deans of Fine Arts from Different Arab Countries Participate in the Proceedings of the Sixth International Conference of the Association of Fine Arts Faculties 2018-03-13 Assiut University Faculty of Fine Arts Meets A Delegation from the Japanese Foundation, Cairo Office in its Forum and Workshop on Porcelain, Painting, and Carving Works 2018-03-11 In its 19th Conference, the Arab group for Updating Medical Knowledge Honors Assiut University Ex Vice President 2018-03-11 Isothermal DNA amplification workshop 2018-03-11 Assiut University Vice President Meets A delegation of Students from Dagestan and Pyatigorsk Universities 2018-03-08 For the Fifth Successive year, the Program of Liver Implantation at al Rajhi University Hospital Pursues Success by Three New Liver Implantation Surgeries 2018-03-07 In Participation with Assiut University's Celebrations of the World Day for Women: Swiss Ambassador Asserts His Country's Support of All Societal and Developmental Activities and Welcomes More Cooperation and Fruitful Partnership with Assiut University 2018-03-06 Al-Gammal Holds A Cooperation Agreement Between Three Parties Including Assiut University, Mexican University And A Third University in Barcelona 2018-03-06 Al-Orman Cardiology Hospital, Assiut University Manages in Conducting Two Rare Chest Surgeries by the Use of Surgical Chest Endoscope 2018-02-27 Assiut University Concludes the Proceedings of the Forum of Political Education of "Students for the Sake of Egypt" - The Role of Students Activities and Media in Reinforcing the Values of Belonging and Political Participation 2018-02-25 Congratulations from the family of engineering faculty to Mr. Nubi Mohamed Hasan Abdel Rahim on the occasion of the award of Prince Naif for Arab security 2018-02-25 Co-operation between the Faculty of Engineering and the Japan Telecom Company (Jelikum) 2018-02-21 Start the study with all graduate programs and diplomas for the second semester 2017-2018 2018-02-18 In the 11th Conference of the Department of Internal Medicine, Assiut University President Announces: Medical System of all University Hospitals is Now Approaching Fulfillment and its Strategic Development Plan will soon Resume 2018-02-15 Rehabilitation of kindergarten students and teachers to teach English 2018-02-15 Assiut University President Opens the Unit for the Physiology of the Nervous System and a New Ward for Private Treatment at the Neurological and Psychological Hospital 2018-02-14 Congratulation to Prof. Dr. Khader Mukhaimer Abu Zaid, Vice Dean for Education and Students Affairs 2018-02-12 Training in HSEPEL 2018-02-08 Arabic Language Teacher Training Course for Non - Arabic Speakers 2018-02-08 2018-02-05 Congratulation to Prof. Dr. Adel Rasmi Hammad Al - Najdi Dean of the College 2018-02-04 The Quality Assurance and Technological Services Unit offers sincere heartfelt congratulations to Mr. Dr. Hamdy Mohamed Mohamed El Bitar 2018-02-04 In Presence of the Grand Mufti of the Republic and Outstanding gyptian and Arab Figures, Assiut University Launches its Wide ampaign for Supporting the 2020 University Oncology Hospital 2018-02-03 Assiut University President Honors a Female Researcher from Assiut University Being One of the Egyptian Research Team at Mansoura University who Discovered the Remains of the Dinosaur 2018-02-01 Postponement of the hosting of the 20th International Conference of Electric Power Systems (MEPCON20) 2018-02-01 Teaching physics course to middle-class students in Arabic or English starting next year 2018-02-01 British 2018 Ranking Places Assiut University Fifth Among Egyptian Government Universities 2018-01-31 Al-Najdi and Al-Hawary at the introductory meeting of the preparation program for teachers of science and mathematics in English for international schools, Faculty of Education, Assiut University 2018-01-24 In the Conference Held for the Support of President Al-Sisi, a Host of Egyptian Artists Visit and Praise the Status of Assiut university 2018-01-21 Work started with the installation of an elevator built by the new faculty members 2018-01-21 Invitation from the Canadian higher Institutes of Engineering CIC for Masters faculty members 2018-01-18 Assiut University President and Assiut Governor Open the renewed Men's Chest Department and its Medium Care Division at the Main University Hospital 2018-01-04