Assiut University Assiut University A delegation of Russian students in Dagestan concludes their academic year at Assiut University with visits to the most important tourist attractions in Cairo 2019-05-13 Assiut UNiversity launches its Ramadan nights: the forum of the creative student by singing and talking about religious tolerance in Islam 2019-05-11 University Values: A media initiative launched by Assiut University to emphasize the value of science and advocate ethical values 2019-05-09 Women's Health Hospital in Assiut University succeeds in conducting 70 procedures to treat adherent placenta success rate 100 % 2019-05-08 Operation Smile-Egypt returns to its headquarters in Assiut University after completing its international medical convoy at Sheikh Zayed Specialized Hospital and conducting 93 surgeries for children 2019-05-07 In the presence of a constellation of representatives of ministries, government bodies and civil associations, the industrial initiative of Egypt launches its activities at Assiut University 2019-05-05 Assiut University President attends the graduation of two consecutive batches of English translation program at the Faculty of Arts 2019-05-04 In collaboration with the Diabetes and Endocrinology Unit at Assiut University, the South Egyptian Association for Diabetes and Endocrinology launches the International Day of thyroid gland in the presence of a group of professors 2019-05-02 The first course on legal drafting in English 2019-04-22 Dr. Anita Leonard, Dean of the Faculty of Psychological Education at the University of Munich, Germany, in Assiut University in a seminar entitled Rehabilitation programs for people with special needs 2019-04-16 International conference on development prospects in the Arab world .. A Legal vision opens its scientific sessions with discussion of international conventions and national legislations in achieving development 2019-04-16 Invitation to attend a seminar (blood donation Health and Community Vision) 2019-04-16 cooperation relations with a number of German universities after returning from a visit that lasted several days 2019-04-13 The Friendship University of Russia seeks cooperation with Assiut University in the establishment of an Arabic language teaching center in Moscow 2019-04-11 Vice President of Assiut University participates in the meeting of the General Secretariat of the Arab Conference for Quality Assurance of Higher Education in the Union of Arab Universities 2019-04-11 Team ASME Assuit at Assiut University returns from the United States after participating in a the global competition (HPVC2019) 2019-04-11 A medical team at Assiut University exclusively performs the largest and most dangerous operation in the history of vascular surgery and interventional catheterization in Upper Egypt 2019-04-09 Assiut University announces an agreement with the Friendship University of Russia in a number of scientific and medical fields 2019-04-09 The simulated Arab League model at Assiut University calls for a resounding cry, declaring categorical rejection of the US president's decision on the Syrian Golan Heights 2019-04-08 Assiut University Participates in Russian Conference on New Ideas in Earth Sciences 2019-04-08 Assiut University concludes its first forum for the People's Week by declaring it to be held periodically on a yearly basis and requesting the hosting of the University Youth Week 2019-04-03 Congratulation to Proficiency Testing Provider Center 2019-04-01 Non- PCR machine based DNA amplification (LAMP and RCA) 2019-03-27 Assiut University President witnesses the launching of a workshop on evaluating students in the new medical program at Upper Egypt Universities 2019-03-13 Assiut University President receives a German scientist as part of his visit to the University to discuss some cases of pediatric oncology and deliver some lectures 2019-03-12 Vice-President of Assiut University participates in the proceedings of the training program in the field of cultural relations 2019-03-12 The President of Assiut University and the President of the Administrative Control Authority inaugurates a seminar on the role of women in the stability of society and combating corruption 2019-03-12 Assiut University Media students attain the second place in the fourth Festival of Shorouk for the creativity of media students 2019-03-11 A Professor at Assiut University wins the award of scientific excellence in international publications in the field of agriculture for the year 2019 2019-03-10 Adopting the slogan “With Science, nations are build,” Assiut University President inaugurates the work of the Third International Conference on Basic and Applied Mycology 2019-03-10 Secretary General of the Federation of Arab Universities, along with a number of ministers and university presidents, participates in the finding solutions for the development of medical education through the integrated medical system 2019-03-09 Assiut University signs a cooperation agreement between the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine and the Veterinary General Union 2019-03-07 MOIC team, Assiut University, attains the third place in the competition of Youth Leaders Organization for the best student activity in the Arab Republic of Egypt and the first place in social media 2019-03-06 Assiut University President signs a memorandum with 2020 Oncology Foundation in Upper Egypt to speed up the process of preparing the linear accelerator building in South Egypt Cancer Institute 2019-03-04 The Advisor to the Minister of Higher Education visits the Orman Cardiology Hospital and the Faculty of dentistry during his visit to Assiut University 2019-03-04 Assiut University President emphasizes the importance of setting goals as an essential step in realizing the dream of the youth during the opening of the rehabilitation program for new resident doctors 2019-03-03 Assiut University President opens an artistic exhibition entitled Tohoku through the eyes of Japanese photographers 2019-03-03 Assiut University launches the third annual conference of the South Valley Society for Chest Diseases and Allergology 2019-03-03 Assiut University President participates in the unveiling ceremony of the foundation stone of the Catholic Church in the new city of Nasser 2019-02-27 Al-Menshawi cites the Faculty of Medicine on the top list of Assiut University faculties in the field of international scientific publishing 2019-02-27 Assiut University launches the second practical day of the Department of Chest Diseases in cooperation with the department of diagnostic radiology in the presence of the pioneers of medical work in the fields of chest and radiology 2019-02-26 The Governor of Assiut and the University President sign a cooperation protocol to announce the technology transfer unit at the university as an industrial developer for the region 2019-02-26 Princess Dina Marad, President of the International Union Against Cancer, calls on all Arab governments to impose taxes upon smoking and allocate their revenues to spend on the efforts of fighting cancer 2019-02-25 Assiut University President Receives Delegation of North China Electric Power University to Sign Agreement on Cooperation in New and Renewable Energy 2019-02-25 Assiut University president witnesses the opening of the Fifth International Workshop of Thoracic Surgery and praises the great medical breakthrough witnessed by the Department of Cardiovascular and Thoracic Surgery 2019-02-23 During the launch of the second annual conference of the pharmacists of the university hospitals, El-Gammal emphasizes the vital role of the pharmacist in the providing health care 2019-02-21 The Prime Minister announces his appointment of Prof. Tarek El Gammal as a member of the Supreme Authority for Upper Egypt Development 2019-02-21 Announcement 2019-02-18 Important announcement 2019-02-13 Assiut University Students win advanced positions in competitions of the cultural activity within the activities of the University Youth Week 2019-02-09 Assiut University wins the first place in the Third Olympiad of the Faculty of Computer Science and Information at the level of Egyptian universities in the fields of information technology and computer programming 2019-02-07 A number of princes, sheikhs and a group of scientists from the Arab world and foreign countries meet during this month at the 10th International Conference on Oncology at Assiut University 2019-02-05 Ministry of Higher Education announces the arrival of 600 computers in support of Assiut University as well as the increase of the Internet speed to 3 times in the next stage 2019-02-05 Assiut University President gives orders for the replacement and renewal of the unit of medical waste and the exploitation of some vacant spaces in the surroundings of Assiut University Hospitals 2019-02-04 In the presence of a group of students and graduates of the faculties of nursing from different Egyptian universities, Assiut University President inaugurates the proceedings of the forum of Egyptian Novice Nurse and Students' Scientific Association 2019-02-04 The signing of a number of protocols of international cooperation in the proceedings of the first cooperation forum of Assiut University next week 2019-02-04 The Organization of the League of Arab Peoples announces the selection of a professor at Assiut University as head of the branch of its activities on the level of Upper Egypt 2019-02-04 Assiut University Choir sings some of the most famous Arab songs as part of its participation in the Egyptian Universities Youth Week 2019-02-03 Research project at the University of Assiut, bringing together Germany with 6 African countries, warns about the risk of Theileria disease, as a reason for infecting 70% of the new Valley cows and more than 30% of the cows in Assiut 2019-02-02 Assiut University concludes a workshop in the field of heart surgery in the presence of an international expert 2019-01-31 Assiut University reveals the reasons Badr won the prize of the best Arab researcher 2019-01-31 Shlaqami participates in the meeting of the preparatory committee for the conference: prospects for development in the Arab world .. A Legal vision in the Jordanian capital, Amman 2019-01-31 With the participation of a group of expert professors in the field of education in Egypt: Vice President of Assiut University confirms: Education is an issue of economic and national security 2019-01-27 Assiut University President meets his counterpart at Taiz University to follow up the conditions of Yemeni students studying at the university 2019-01-27 In cooperation with the British Council, the English Football Federation and the Ministry of Youth and Sports, Faculty of Physical Education inaugurates its specialized training session on the Basic Skills of the English Premier League 2019-01-23 Assiut University President signs a protocol of cooperation with Russian State Geological Prospecting University 2019-01-23 Next February .. Launching of the Proceedings of the Forum of the first international cooperation at the University of Assiut with the participation of embassies and cultural attaches from the Arab countries 2019-01-23 In collaboration with the University of Zarqa, Jordan: Assiut University launches its scientific conference on the prospects of development in the Arab world - a legal vision next April 2019-01-19 El-Gammal receives the shield of the Presidency of the Republic from the Minister of Higher Education in honor of the victory of Assiut University in winning the second place in the competition of the best Egyptian university 2019-01-19 Assiut University announces the start of procedures for the establishment of the first laboratory for performing tests for blind students in the examination halls 2019-01-15 Assiut University President sets the priorities of the university plan in the next phase during his meeting with the representatives of the Ministry of Planning and Baseera Center 2019-01-14 Der Präsident der Universität Assiut empfängt Vertreter von Imedist und träumt davon, die Visionen und Pläne für die Entwicklung von Gebäuden und Einrichtungen von Menschen mit besonderen Bedürfnissen zu überprüfen. 2019-01-10 In the presence of the deans of the faculties of education, science and engineering at the University of Assiut: Prof. Dr. El-Gamal meets the officials of the project to prepare teachers for the schools of science technology, engineering, and math (STEM) 2019-01-09 Vice President of Assiut University discusses ways of cooperation with the President of the University of Applied Sciences in the Kingdom of Bahrain 2019-01-08 Assiut University President and his Vice-President share the Catholic Church in the ceremony of praying and pray for peace 2019-01-03 Assiut University announces the Central Blood Bank as the first bank to obtain international accreditation in Upper Egypt 2019-01-03 Minister of Awqaf confirms from the University of Assiut: Arabic is alive with its sons and great men; and reviews the models of eloquence of the Arabic language in the Holy Quran and Sunnah 2018-12-30 Assiut University President and the Academy of Scientific Research and Technology President share the Faculty of Engineering in the opening of the Center for Evaluation and Quality of Raw Materials in South Valley 2018-12-23 President of Assiut University discusses the ways of joint cooperation with Kuwait University in the field of plastic surgery 2018-12-17 The inventor of the Wi-Fi delivers a lecture on the high speed models of Cellphones from Wi-Fi to the sixth generation technology at Assiut University 2018-12-17 Assiut University announces the hosting of the world's largest surgeon and announces the butterfly as the logo for its fifth workshop in Chest surgery 2018-12-16 Assiut University President meets the Chairman of the Board of the Dar Al-Tahrir to agree on a joint cooperation between the two institutions 2018-12-13 El-Gammal announces the membership of Assiut University in the Francophone University Agency (AUF) for the first time in Upper Egypt 2018-12-13 During his participation in an Art Symposium: President of Assiut University announces the role of the Nile Center for Enlightenment and Civilization Radiation in supporting the cultural movement in the university 2018-12-11 Signing a protocol of cooperation between the Assiut University and Misr El-Kheir Foundation 2018-12-06 Assiut University hosts the second annual conference of the Department of Gastroenterology and Liver at Police Hospital 2018-12-05 Assiut University President announces the signing of a memorandum of understanding for cooperation in the field of engineering between the University and Imam Abdul Rahman bin Faisal University in Saudi Arabia 2018-12-04 The Italian-Egyptian project of the archaeological area of Manqabad in Assiut and the restoration of the ancient archaeological town in an educational symposium at Assiut University 2018-12-04 Assiut university President Attends the Opening of the ENT Operations Division at the Main University Hospital 2018-12-03 German Expert Hails Kidney Transplant Team of Assiut University During the First International Workshop at Assiut University Urology Hospital 2018-12-02 Assiut University Starts the Proceedings of the Fifth Season of European Union Simulation Model 2018-11-28 Assiut University Vice President Meets the Director of the Japan Foundation, Cairo Office to Discuss Means of Cooperation 2018-11-28 Assiut University Faculty of Computers and Information Launches the First Hakthon Competition in Collaboration with the German Fredrick Schiller University 2018-11-25 In Assiut University's Ninth International Conference on Sugar and Integrated Industries: USA, Germany, Saudi Arabia, Mauritius, and Egypt Present their Experiments in Sugar Industry 2018-11-21 Assiut University President Discusses Means of Academic and Cultural Cooperation with the Japanese Ritsumeikan University 2018-11-19 Al-Rajhi University Hospital Manages in Saving the Life of Moroccan and Egyptian Young men by Two Successful Liver Transplants 2018-11-15 Assiut University President Starts Training the First American Student-Team on Arm Nerve Plexus Surgery 2018-11-13 Egyptian Knowledge Bank Honors Assiut University Being Included Among the Best 500 World Universities According to the U. S. News Ranking 2018-11-12 In a Tour to the University Museum, Assiut University Vice President Accompanies World Surgeon Nadir Hanna 2018-11-12 In Its Cultural Education Forum: Assiut University Honors a Number of Military Leaders, Security, Executive and University Leaders 2018-11-12