Assiut University Assiut University Al Rajhi Liver Hospital, Assiut University Announces the Success of the Eighth Liver Transplant Surgery 2017-02-28 Assiut University President Allocates the Lobby of the Major Conference Hall for Exhibiting Colleges' Products and Students' Activities 2017-02-28 Assiut University President Accompanies Arab Guests From 14 Arab Countries in a Visit Tour to Tourist Landmarks Luxor 2017-02-27 Assiut University President Allocates the Lobby of the Major Conference Hall for Exhibiting Colleges' Products and Students' Activities 2017-02-27 In a Formal Dinner for Oncology Conference Participants, Luxor Governor Dines with Assiut University President and the Delegation of Association of Arab Universities 2017-02-27 NAQAAE Chair Announces: Assiut University Ranks Second Accredited University Nationwide After Cairo University 2017-02-22 Opening the Eighth International Conference of the Department of Tumors and Nuclear Medicine at Assiut University 2017-02-22 Assiut University President Meets The President of the Applied Science University, Kingdom of Bahrain 2017-02-22 Visiting Assiut University for the Second Time: Spanish Expert Diego Gonzales Hosted by Department of Cardiology and Chest Surgeries 2017-02-22 Opening the Proceedings of the Seventh International Conference for Quality Assurance at Assiut University 2017-02-21 Assiut University Operates the New Linear Accelerator and Pursues the Service of Radio-Therapy at the South Egypt Cancer Institute 2017-02-08 Assiut University Conference on Oily Clay and the Non-Traditional Sources of Energy for Sustainable Development in Africa 2017-02-06 Ministry of Higher Education Delegation Visits Assiut University and Acknowledges the Fulfillment of the Administrative System Development and Qualifying Project 2017-01-31 Governor of Assiut and Assiut University President Honor the Medical Team who Managed the First Marrow Transplant for a Child in Upper Egypt 2017-01-24 Assiut University Participates in the Proceedings of the Week-Program on Human Rights in Governorates 2017-01-22 Assiut University Hosts the Association of Arab Universities Conference for Quality Assurance of Higher Education in the Arab World 2017-01-22 Renewal of the ISO 9001 Certificate: Assiut University President Praises the Efficiency of the Administrative Body 2017-01-22 A Joint Scientific Project between Assiut University and Korean KoreaTech Univ. in the Field of Engineering 2017-01-19 Assiut University Saves the Life of a Young Physician by a Successful Kidney Transplant Operation 2017-01-19 South Egypt Cancer Institute, Assiut University Holds a Workshop on the Recent Applications of International Quality Standards and Blood Diseases 2017-01-17 A Cooperation Protocol between Assiut University and Al-Orman Association to Support the University Cardiology Hospital 2017-01-17 Assiut University Faculty of Medicine Poses a First Time Discussion on the Intervention and Relationship between Cardiology and Oncology 2017-01-15 Facilitating of the Procedures and Uplifting Medical Service, the Urinary Tract and Kidney Hospital, Assiut University Starts its Collective Medical Clinic and One-Desk-Work System 2017-01-15 Assiut University Vice-Presidents Meet the General Director of the Malaysian Prime Minister's Bureau 2017-01-04 Assiut University President Discusses Means of Cooperation and Joint Work with the ISESCO Organization and Al-Maktoum Charity Foundation 2017-01-01 Assiut University President and the Japanese Ambassador Inaugurate the Faculty of Fine Arts and the Fair of Japanese Crafts 2016-12-19 Assiut University Invites Bahraini Quality Assurance Organization to Participate in an Arab Conference to be Held In February 2017 2016-12-19 American Scientist from the University of Arkansas Visits Assiut University and Lectures on Urinary Tract Tumors 2016-12-15 Soheir Al-Morshedy and Tariq Desouki Attend the Launching of Fine Arts Competition Assiut University Students 2016-12-13 Assiut University Calls for Promoting Domestic Tourism 2016-12-13 Assiut University PhD Dissertation on the Results of Transplanting Stem Cells in Children's Malignant Blood Tumors and their Side Effects on the Thyroid Gland 2016-12-12 Assiut University Mycological Centre AUMC Organizes the 20th Workshop on: Biodiversity of Fungi Deteriorating Food Materials and Feedstuffs 2016-12-12 With The Renewal Of Its License for Another Year, Assiut University Urology Hospital Continues Its Successful Kidney Transplants 2016-12-08 With A Variety Of Activities, Training Sessions, And Artistic Performances, Assiut University Concludes The 16-Day-Campaign Against Gender Violence 2016-12-08 Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Assiut University holds a Conference on Livestock Development and the Safety of Food Safety 2016-12-06 Assiut University Guest Students from the Russian University of Pyatigorsk Tour Visit A Number Of Tourist Landmarks In Assiut 2016-12-06 Assiut University Holds A Scientific Symposium Entitled: Gastrointestinal Tract Micro-biota in Health and Illness 2016-12-04 Assiut University President Announces: The ISO 9001 Certificate for the Administrative System of the University Renewed for the Coming Year 2016-11-29 Scientific Day of the Faculty of Medicine 2016-11-29 Follow-up visit continuity and technical support for the project to develop the students' exams and Assessment Systems 2016-11-29 Proceeding of the 16-Day- Campaign Opposing Violence against Women in Assiut University 2016-11-28 In His International Students Follow-up Visit, Assiut University President Meets Educational Officials in the Malaysian Embassy 2016-11-27 Assiut University Athletic Marathon Launch: Walk to Prevent the Spread of Diabetes 2016-11-22 South Egypt Cancer Institute Signs a Memo of Understanding with the Centre for Pharmaceutical Vigilance to Monitor Adverse Effects of Medications 2016-11-21 Assiut University Technology Transfer Unit Innovators Design a Machine for Collecting the Seeds of jojoba plant 2016-11-21 Assiut University Wins Second Rank among the Egyptian Universities in the Youth Competition for the Best Youth Initiative for Tomorrow 2016-11-20 Local Development Minister, Governors of Assiut and Luxor, and Presidents of Upper Egyptian Universities in a Formal Meeting in the Fifth Annual Conference held by the Society for Integrated Medicine and Insomnia 2016-11-19 Ambassador of Paraguay Touring Around Assiut University Campus 2016-11-16 In Collaboration With Biomass International Corporation Assiut University Launches A Huge Project In The Field of Green Energy 2016-11-16 The First Stoke Day of the Neuropsychiatry Department 2016-11-15 Assiut University Signs a Memo of Understanding with Yemeni Zamar University 2016-11-14 Assiut University Wins the First Rank in the Eighteenth Innovation Forum Held at South Valley University 2016-11-09 Assiut University President Asserts: The Visit of Russian Students Is a Security Message to the Russian People and the Entire World 2016-11-08 Assiut University President and Vice Presidents Meet the Representatives Canadian Centre for International Development 2016-11-07 Japanese Institution in Hospitality of the Faculty of Fine Arts, Assiut University 2016-11-06 Vice President of Yemeni Hadramout University Meets Assiut University President and Advises the Egyptian Peopleto Take Care of Their Country 2016-11-02 Approval of title registration of the doctoral thesis of Pharmacist/ Wesam Mohamed Samy Ahmed - Registered (from aborad) to obtain the Doctoral Degree of Philosophy in Pharmaceutical Sciences (Pharmaceutical Analytical Chemistry). 2016-11-01 Approval of the appointment of Pharmacist/ Abu Bakar Mustafa Abdel-Aal as Lecturer in the Department of Pharmaceutical Organic Chemistry, Faculty of Pharmacy, Assiut University 2016-11-01 In celebration of the glorious October victories, Assiut University Honors the Southern Military Region Commander and Leaders 2016-10-31 Success of the First Training Course in the Middle East 2016-10-30 The death of his father / Najah Mohamed Saad Radwan Mahareik 2016-10-30 Treatment of Cancer by Negative Ions Without Surgical Operations 2016-10-25 On the Civil Engineer's Day, Faculty of Engineering, Assiut University Wins the First Rank Prize for the Best Graduation Project 2016-10-25 Centre for Adult Education, Assiut University Arranges its First Scientific Symposium Entitled: "Adults Free of Illiteracy" 2016-10-23 Faculty of Science Holds its First Scientific Forum for Innovators and Inventors at Assiut University in November 2016 2016-10-18 Assiut University Celebrates the International Day for Mental Hygiene 2016-10-17 Assiut University President and the Chairwoman of the National Council for Woman Inaugurate the First Unit for Resisting Harassment at the University 2016-10-14 Assiut University Students Visit the Southern Military Region on the Occasion of the October Victory 2016-10-11 A meeting of the laboratories and scientific equipment committee on Thursday 13/10/2016. 2016-10-11 Vice-Presidents Meets National Coordinator of the European Union for Higher Education 2016-10-05 Approval the registration of Pharmacist/ Ahmed Gamal Hamdan to obtain the Master Degree in Pharmaceutical Sciences (Pharmacology). 2016-10-03 Approval the registration of Pharmacist/ Arwa Ahmed Mohamed to obtain the Master Degree in Pharmaceutical Sciences (Microbiology and Immunology) (from abroad). 2016-10-03 Approval the registration of Pharmacist/ Fatma El-Zahraa Saeed Abdel-Rasoul to obtain the Master Degree in Pharmaceutical Sciences (Microbiology and Immunology) (from abroad). 2016-10-03 Meeting of the Council of the Agricultural economics Department, Faculty of Agriculture on Monday 3/10/2016 2016-10-02 Meeting of the Council of the Rural Sociology & Agricultural . Extension Department, Faculty of Agriculture on Monday 3/10/2016 2016-10-02 Assiut University Signs a Memo of Understanding with the Spanish Antonio de Nebrija University in Fields of Human Sciences and Health 2016-10-01 Assiut University President Meets AMIDEAST Officer in-charge of the Educational Scholarships Program 2016-10-01 During A Meeting with the Assiut University President, Al-Orman Society Announces the Establishment of A Cardio-Foundation to Support the University Cardic Centre 2016-09-25 Proceedings of the Second Scientific Conference for Young Researchers Begin at the Faculty of Social Work, Assiut University 2016-09-25 Master's Degree From British Universities: A Workshop on Chevening Program at Assiut University 2016-09-22 Al Rajhi Hospital for Liver Continues Distinction in liver Transplant Surgeries in Upper Egypt 2016-09-21 South Egypt Cancer Institute: Dean Receives a Delegation from the Second Evangelical Church in Assiut 2016-09-21 Al-Azhar Scholars Visit South Egypt Cancer Institute, Assiut University 2016-09-10 Assiut University Hospital Receives A Dialysis Unit 2016-08-31 Electrical Engineering Department, Assiut University shows for the first time at the Shanghai World ranking of universities 2016-08-29 Assiut University Signs a Memorandum of Understanding for Academic Exchange With the Korean University for Technology and Education 2016-08-22 With more than 150 participants, Assiut University concludes the Forum on National Dialogue of Youth 2016-08-22 Abdominal Cancerous Tumor Weighing 38 Kg Removed From an Elderly Female Patient in South Egypt Cancer Institute, Assiut University 2016-08-17 A Technical Support and Follow-Up Team from the Ministry of Higher Education Visits Assiut University Labs 2016-08-16 Assiut University Announces the Application of the Nano-Knife For the First Time in Upper Egypt in the South Egypt Cancer Institute 2016-08-15 Assiut University Saves a Young Man's Life by the First Marrow Transplant Operation in Upper Egypt at the South Egypt Cancer Institute 2016-08-14 announces the start of the study Bachelor 2016-07-31 An Honoring Ceremony for Professor/ Mazen Abd El-Salam for Winning The Nile Award in Science and Advanced Technology 2016-06-21 Assiut University Professor Wins State Award in the Field of Political Systems 2016-06-08 Assiut University Pursues the Successful Work of the First Experiment Using Solar Cells Moving in Multiple Directions 2016-06-07 Assiut University Celebrates the International Day for Environment by planting 200 Fruitful Trees 2016-06-02 Increase of scholarships and opportunities of English Language Learning: Main aim of the meeting between Assiut University President and The British Ambassador in Cairo 2016-06-02 Assiut University President is Back from Spain After Participating in The Third Arab Conference on Higher Education 2016-05-29 Reactions to establishing "Evaluating and Improving The Quality of Egyptian Raw Materials Centre" in South Valley 2016-05-26 A Memo of Understanding between Assiut University and The Islamic Universities Association 2016-05-25