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Objectives and Performances:
· Produce the required amounts of milk and meat for the university staff members,   officers and workers.
· Use the gained benefits to improve the above services.

Assiut University Network Center seeks to provide communication services through the global network and links various units and faculties of the university through strong information network which provide opportunities for all faculty staff members and their assistances , employees ,and students to take the advantage of network services  more

Aarabic Learn Center.
The main mission of this center is to save and teach the Arabic language . more

Objectives Of The AUMC
1- Establishment of a fungal culture collection (bank) including fungi isolated from different sources and habitats in Egypt and other Arab countries. The culture collection (bank) comprises at present more than 4000 cultures belonging to more than 400 species, and it is planned to be a national and regional culture collection (bank)
. more

Assiut University Reconstructive Microsurgery Unit is one of the leading and most distinguished units in this specialty in Egypt. The unit has participated in the treatment of hundreds of patients specially in the field of replantation and tumor surgery  more

The Center represents a "think tank" or a forum for intellectuals and academies engaged in active collaboration with the government and private ector in planning and designing comprehensive and sustainable development programs.

The CTLR is one of the Assiut University private units. The centre provides authentic and scholarly translation services of official documents, literary, scientific, and cultural material  more

The objectives of the Drug Research Center
The objectives of the center are to encourage and activate the following aspects:
1- Research projects aiming tointroduce new drugs of natural and synthetic sources.
2- Research projects for studyingside effects and toxicity of approved drugs
. more

The mission of AUQAAC is concerned mainly with evaluation of the academic performance of the all the elements and activities of the educational system in the light of local, national and international performance standards. This is done to achieve total quality and continuous improvement and development of the university educational system; and to promote the quality level and competitiveness of the university education outputs. more

The Electron Microscopy (EM) unit at Assiut University is one of the oldest units in the Middle East and Africa. The EM unit was established in 1964 as a special and central unit to offer its service for researchers in the different universities colleges more

The main mission of the (ELC) is to serve the community by providing courses in English as a foreign language. The center concentrates on providing the four language skills: listening, speaking, reading, and writing  more

Aims and Prospective:
Production of high quality, nutritious low priced food products for the staff members, their assistants as well as for all employees in the University. Such food products could be classified

The ITTU at Assiut University is a project funded by the European Egyptian Innovation Fund ( EEIF).
Project’s aims:
· Strengthening the relation and reestablish the trust between academia and industry.

Products of Ornamental Plant Unit
The unit wishes to
· Increasing the cultivated area and improving the production quantitatively and qualitatively.
· Establish a modern controlled greenhouse for new methods of propagation production of plants all the year round and research works. 

Aims to:
1. Employment of the faculty facilities (buildings, Personal and experience) in poultry production to achieve better production.
2. Supplying the university community and the local society community with chickens, eggs and meat at moderate price and better quality.

Goals and activities:
Physical and Chemical analysis of soil material, water and plant tissues, carrying out required studies for land reclamation projects, evaluation of underground water resources and fertilizers and training programs for Agricultural engineers.

AERDC is devoted to play an active role in developing rural communities with special emphasis on Upper Egypt. more

The center of educational and psychological Researches aims to provide responsibles of educational policies and educational plans with the scientific and educational knowledge thathelp students throughout the secondary and vocational education stages to develop and mature mentally and socially,  more

The unit is the premiere place for individuals interested in a theoretical and computational understanding of the brain and applying that knowledge to develop new and more effective forms of Molecular Biology technologies and applications more

The vision of the GE&TC unit is to focus on the role of scientific and technological progress in plant biotechnology to achieve new generation of plants that more resistant to biotic and abiotic stresses to reduce chemicals meanwhile to fulfill demands for healthier and higher quality food     more

This hospital is the first specialized center in Upper Egypt designed to raise the standard of women to do her duties actively in the society. Patients usually come from Assiut as well as from other governorates of Upper Egypt, including Red Sea areas and New Valley  more

Assiut University Hospital is located in the university campus. It is considered one of the biggest university hospitals in Egypt and it is the core medical center in Upper Egypt. It serves about twenty millions of population.  more


Aucest is University Center which is capable of offering specialized training programs inthe different field of surgery on aregular periodic basis,hopefully,filling this endoscopic gap which is crucial for Egyption health service.  more



Assiut University Knowledge Transfer Office KTO is responsible for the transfer of innovations/technologies from the university to the industrial sector. KTO protects and manages the intellectual property developed by faculty members, students, and other researchers. KTO helps with the whole transfer process, starting from IP protection, passing by business planning, market analysis..., negotiations with the interested parties in the industry, and ending by revenue sharing and deals closure. Although KTO has been established recently in 2012, Assiut University has a long history of partnership with the industry following the pull model - getting the problems from the industry and solving them at the university research and consulting centers. KTO will push towards the other direction – pushing research innovations to the industry.









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