Location: Faculty of Agriculture – Assiut University

Date of Establishment: November, 4,1982

Head of Council: Dean of the College of Agriculture

Director: Prof. Emam Mohamed Khalifa

  332306 – 411523 – 332631

* Goals and activities:


 Physical and Chemical analysis of soil material, water and plant tissues, carrying out required studies for land reclamation projects, evaluation of underground water resources and fertilizers and training programs for Agricultural engineers.

Achievement of the unit


1.     Carrying out many technical studies on new lands in Assiut, Souhag, Quena and Aswan Governorate.

2.     Land evaluation and suitability for crops in some parts of Toshka project.

3.     Evaluation of water suitability for irrigation and domestic use.

4.     Chemical analysis for material before building construction.

5.     Physical analysis for soil material to estimate particle size distribution, bulk density, water-holding capacity, infiltration rate …etc.

6.     Analysis of plant material accompanied with necessary recommendations.

7.     Analysis of plant material accompanied with necessary recommendations.

8.     Analysis and evaluation of fertilizers.

9.     Many workshops and training courses were carried out to demonstrate nutrient deficiency symptoms and introduce suggestions for correction.

Working Team:


 Ail members of the Department of soils and water, College of Agriculture, Assiut University including staff members and their assistants and laborers are involved in the activity of the unit.