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Quality Assurance Unit

The organizational structure of the unity of Q.A.U

  • Recorded the achievements of the Institute and the annual preparation of the annual report of the Institute and sent to the Centre for Quality Assurance and Accreditation University.
  • Follow all developments related to quality and strategy that are adopted by the Council of the University and work for their implementation within the Institute.
  • Implementation of mechanisms which are made by the Board of Unity Institute, which lead to the Quality Assurance Institute (work questionnaires - description of courses and curricula).
  • The work of the questionnaires for the decisions and performance of university and institute some of the activities (Such as laboratories - libraries) and analysis of results in order to maximize the positive and avoid negative Is reflected in the performance in the educational process.
  • Promote a culture of quality among the other members of faculty, students and administrative staff through seminars and workshops which will reflect first and foremost on university performance and improve the performance of the various departments of the institute.
  • Open channels of communication between the Institute and alumni through e-mail addresses of the Unit and the Institute and also through contact with graduates in the workplace.
First project
Second project