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About Journal

Scientific journal of the Faculty

A unit equipped with machines, printing and copying of high-level and produces the magazine of the Faculty on behalf of the "Egyptian Sugar Journal " and the work of the imaging of different special masters of the faculty members and gentlemen, scholars and respect to the business of processing, compilation and assembly, packaging and so on.
It is also the unit that you print out the e-publications, books and other special conferences and scientific symposia, packaging and presenting them well to make the Faculty a special character comparable to the level of scientific and technological development.

The work of the unit to implement
  • The magazine is published on behalf of the Faculty   "  Egyptian Sugar Journal " .
  • print publications and manuals conferences in the field of technology the sugar industry.
  • Photograph lectures all the other members of the teaching staff to all the people in the past.
  • photography projects organized by scholars and gentlemen, packaging and distribution to the competent authorities.