Presidents of the Conference
Prof. Dr. / Mohamed Abdel Samie Eid
 President of Assiut University

Major / Ibrahim El-Sokkary
Chairman of the Holding Company for Food Industries

Mr.Accountant / Mohamed Abd al-Rahim Hussein
Chairman of the Board and Managing Director of the Egyptian Sugar and Integrated Industries Company

General Coordinator of the Conference
Prof. Dr. / Ahmed Abdu Geaies
Vice President for Graduate Studies and Research - Assiut University

Coordinator and Reporter of the Conference
Prof. Dr. / Atif Abo-El-Wafa Ahmed
Dean of the Sugar Technology Research Institute - Assiut University

Secretary General of the Conference
Prof. Dr. / Adel Mohamed Kamal
Vice Dean for Graduate Studies and Research, Suger Technology Research Institute, Assiut University

Conference under the auspices of
Association of ARAB Universities
Ministry of Scientific Research
Ministry of Agriculture
League of Arab States