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Research strategy

The Sugar Technology Research Institute is a unique scientific organization in the Middle East and North Africa, and is considered a model for connecting scientific organizations and research with industry. Conducting applied scientific research contributes effectively to the development of sugar and integrated industries in Egypt is one of the most important objectives of the STRI. Therefore, the research strategy of the Agricultural Division focuses on the following:
  • Applying recent trends in agricultural managements to improve the productivity of sugar crops.
  • Evaluation of sugar crop genotypes for resistance to biotic stresses (diseases and pests) and abiotic stresses (high temperature, drought and salinity).
  • Developing of new sugar crop cultivars through traditional breeding approaches.
  • Employing recent trends in plant breeding (molecular breeding) to obtain new genotypes of sugar crops and to detect genes and genetic factors responsible for agronomic traits and confer resistance or tolerance to biotic or abiotic stresses.