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Institute Mission

Order to achieve the mission of the Institute are commensurate with the vision, the Institute will seek to accomplish the following strategic objectives:

  •  Provide excellent graduate programs in the disciplines of technology aimed at providing a professional multi-Ianajat Egyptian industry in addition to the Arab region and Africa, the world.
  •  Contribute to Carry out research that develops knowledge and offer solutions to the problems of beneficiaries.


  • Cooperation with industry and the government institutions for the transfer of scientific knowledge and technology.
  • Provide ongoing educational programs and training programs aimed at enhancing the level of individuals, and Itranhm cognitive, and opportunities for advancement in the hierarchy, whether they are enrolled in the Institute by former students or graduates were recognized by others.
  • Provide expertise that is characterized by the Institute continuously to national bodies and the public interest in the form of educational or research and contribute to social development and economic positive for Egypt, Arab world, Africa and the world as a whole.