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Institute Objectives

To carry out the mission stated herein, in coherent with our vision, the following strategic goals are meant to be achieved:

  • To provide high-quality undergraduate program in science and technology of sugar industry and integrated industries.
  • To offer superior graduate programs in technical multidisciplinary professional fields that respond the needs of Egyptian industries, as well as to the needs of the Arab region, Africa and the world.
  • To engage in research that advance learning and provide solutions of stakeholder's problems.
  • To cooperate with industrial and governmental institutions to transfer knowledge in science and technology.
  • To offer continuing education and training programs aiming at personnel enrichment, professional upgrading, and career advancement for its graduates of the those graduated from other related scientific background; and
  • To make available to national communities and public agencies the expertise of the Institute in a consistent manner with the primary teaching and research functions and contribute to social, intellectual, and economic development in Egypt, Arab region, Africa and the world.