Earth sciences and Development of Civilization in Major Rivers basins



Egypt is currently facing a number of problems that hinder its economic and social development. The major problem is the rapid population increase that outpaces growth rates attempted under various development plans and efforts. The concentration of an overall population which is estimated today at over 66 million, in the narrow strip of the Nile valley the Delta makes Egypt one of the most densely populated areas in the world. Coupled with this is the considerably limited size of the cultivated land in Egypt.   Rapid urbanization and Desertification have together eroded the size of the agricultural land in Egypt, for which efforts of land reclamation can only marginally compensate.


Furthermore, programs to safeguard the environment are compatible with the boarder national objective of achieving better standards of living for present and future generations, and represent an investment in human capital that offsets government expenditures on treatment of illnesses caused by a polluted surrounding environment.


Within this context, there is a pressing need to identify the factors that adversely affect Social and Industrial agricultural development in Egypt. Efforts

 and resources should be directed towards implementing comprehensive and sustainable         development projects in the desert regions and border governorates, given their potential for land reclamation and absorbing increasingly urbanized population.


Moreover, the importance of agriculture as a prime factor reinforcing the settling and establishment of communities and generating employment opportunities to meet population increase cannot be overlooked. As such agricultural development and land reclamation concerns should be at the core of all development efforts, if the desired returns to the significant size of investments, currently being channeled within the government's policy of development of the South Valley, are to be achieved.


Recognizing the important role of universities and academic institutions in forgoing effective partnership with government agencies to address the different economic and social problems, Assiut University has established a "Center for Studies and Research for South Valley Development". The establishment of this center is justified in view of the need for long-term

planning of development programs. These programs are commensurate with population growth rates expected over the coming five decades, as well as commitment to improve the living conditions of the present generation.

Furthermore, to ensure the role of Assiut university in the development of South Egypt.



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