The Center is managed by administration council. The Board of the council is established through a university presidential decree. It is Chaired by the president of Assiut University and comprise the following member:

Vice - President for Post-graduate Studies and Research - Vice-Chairman. 

Vice - President for Community Services and Environmental affairs. 

Director of the Center. 

Three members, -who may be key person nominated on an  individual  basis  or representatives    of    their    respective organizations dealing with south Egypt's Developments.  

Four from the university of staff members with good experience in the Development of South Egypt.


Role of the administrative council

The council will meet at least once every three months and its main responsibilities will be: 

1. To develop the overall strategy and framework for project implementation. 

2. Follow-up on project implementation. 

3. Ensure smooth implementation of the project by taking corrected action - as required. 

4. Approve regular and annual progress monitoring and evaluation reports presented by the different research teams. 

5. Develop the remuneration structure for the committee members and the research teams.  

6.Approve disbursements  as per expenditures presented by the Principal investigator,  in accordance with the agreed upon budget items. 

7. Present proposals and suggestions concerning the Center structure and operation.




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