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Medical Oncology department, South Egypt Cancer Institute (SECI) is considered one of the recent specialties of cancer management in Assiut University and it is second only to the one in the National Cancer Institute at Cairo.

The need for the field of medical oncology and management using chemotherapy, among cancer patients of Upper Egypt; evoked the strong necessity for establishing such a department. Also the need for incorporation of internal medicine into the field of oncology made it necessary to establish such a department; as the cancer patients almost always in need for comprehensive medical management; whatever the diagnosis.


Our Mission:

Good is not enough,

we are looking for excellency

in cancer treatment and research


The department consists of:

  1. Inpatient section: This section is dedicated for admission of patients requiring chemotherapy for more than one day. Also, it is designed for managing patients who are critically ill or those needing special care. It consists of 32 beds. These beds serve about 2000 cases yearly. It is planned to increase  to 50 beds through the years 2003 and 2004. Also it contains paid treatment beds serving a large number of patients through dealing with different organizations, institutes and companies who can offer and need this type of management.
  2. The outpatient clinics:
  3. Follow-up clinic: This clinic provides the monthly follow up for cancer patients. It serves about 500 cases monthly, i.e. 6000 cases yearly. It provides medical examination and possible radiological and laboratory investigations; during chemotherapy and following treatment regularly. This provides meticulous follow up and observation for any insult during and after treatment period.
  4. One day clinic: This clinic works daily and serving patients who need one-day chemotherapy. It provides medical services for about 1200 cases yearly.
  5. The new cases clinic: This clinic works for the new coming cases in the institute. Those cases receive medical examination and possible investigations to reach diagnosis before initiating treatment. This clinic serves about 1200 cases yearly (either directly or referred from other institutions and clinics).


Scientific activities of the department:

  • The department staff discuss daily the new coming cases together with managing and following up old ones in an open discussion conversation.
  • The department also organizes a weekly “tumor board”; in cooperation with colleague staff member from the departments of the institute and some staff members of the National Cancer Institute.
  • The department provides free treatment and follow up for most patients, and provides the patients with different management strategies, including possible transfusion of different blood components (e.g. packed RBCs, platelet concentrate and plasma). All possible radiologic investigations and tumor markers are offered with minimal charges.


So, a marked improvement was noticed in the control rate of many cancers; especially leukemias and lymphomas; that need special care

Also, a marked improvement in the control rate for cases of acute leukemia was achieved to greater extent, approximating those of the international standards of cases.

Head of the department: Prof Ashraf Zedan Abdallah

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