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Psychology is the science of behavior and mind. Psychology includes the study of conscious and unconscious phenomena, as well as feeling and thought.

We offer an academic program that helps you

  • Understand the principles of what makes the mental disorders
  • Learn critical thinking which is an essential skill in for the students' future career. Valuable in psychology, as well as in other careers, such as law.
  • Boost your social skills by understanding human behavior you will be able to get on and approach other people easily.
  • Diagnose issues among your family and friends.


The Psychology Laboratory contains many tests, psychological scales, and electronic devices that contribute to providing students with a way to diagnose psychological state. It also helps people distinguish between mental disorders and brain disorders.

The devices are divided into:

• Devices applied to people with special needs such as (Goddard plate - dimensions and weights - auditory return time).

• Devices applied to other people such as (retro feeding - electrostatic stability - pairing with reinforcement).

These devices are useful in helping the students know the behavior that is subject to experimentation and how to conduct experiments with it, such as experiences (perception - learning - attention - memory - thinking - problem-solving).

The lab also contains tests used to measure mental abilities such as (the Stanford Binet Scale of Intelligence, and the Kessler Scale for Adult and Child Intelligence).

Students also learn about theories that deal with mental cognitive organization of mental abilities, which is useful in applying such tests in many fields such as schools, factories, speech centers, and special groups. The lab also contains twelve computers available for use in many fields such as descriptive statistics and writing scientific research.

It helps students to carry out the experiments and tests that have been explained to them. There is no doubt that all of this contributes in graduating generations with professional competence, and therefore the processes of professional selection and professional guidance are carried out accurately.

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