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# Title Research Year
1 A moderated-mediation analysis of abusive supervision, fear of negative evaluation and psychological distress amon egyptian hotel employees 2022
2 The relationship between perception of control and mood: The intervening effect of cultural values in a Saudi Arabian sample 2019
3 Some Demographic and Psychological Variables
that Predict Marital Adjustment in Wives
4 فاعلية برنامج إرشادي انتقائي تكاملي لتنمية التفكير الإيجابي كمدخل لتحسين تقدير الذات لدي عينة من طالبات الجامعة الكفيفات 2018
5 Factor Structure, Reliability and Validity of the Arabic Version of the Emotion Regulation Questionnaire (ERQ) in a Sample of Saudi Children and Adolescents 2018
6 Emotion dysregulation in mood disorders: a review of current challenges 2018
7 Social support as a mediator variable of the relationship between depression and life satisfaction in a sample of Saudi caregivers of patients with Alzheimer's disease 2017
8 An Analysis of Prevalence Rates of Saudi’s Students with Emotional and Behavior Problems and Its Effects of Gender and Age, 2017
9 Psychometric properties of the screen for child anxiety related emotional disorders (SCARED) in a non-clinical sample of children and adolescents in Saudi Arabia. 2016
10 Given the Demographics of Emotional Divorce of Spouses – How to Minimize It, Using Structural Equation Modeling: A Case Study in Egypt 2016