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Discussion of a master's thesis in education majoring in (Curricula and Methods of Teaching English Language) submitted by the researcher/ Naglaa Farghali Badir Ahmed

Today, Wednesday, corresponding to 11/23/2022, a master's thesis in Education (Curricula and Methods of Teaching English Language) submitted by researcher Naglaa Farghali Badir Ahmed was discussed.

Entitled "A Program Based on Multiple Intelligences Activities to Develop Reading Comprehension Skills in the English Language for Primary Stage Pupils with Dyslexia"

Congratulations to the researcher, and all thanks and appreciation to the judging and discussion committee

Prof. Dr. Mohamed Riyad Ahmed Abdel Halim, Professor of Educational Psychology, Faculty of Education, Assiut University, Chairman and Discussant

Prof. Dr. Dalia Ali Maher Abbas, Assistant Professor of Curricula and Methods of Teaching English Language, Faculty of Education - Sohag University, member and discussant

With our wishes for continued success