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Postgraduate studies sector

Post-graduate studies began at the Faculty of Engineering, Assiut University, by the end of the fifties, as the faculty started awarding masters and PhD degrees in many disciplines. Moreover, the faculty participated in the preparation of scientific cadres from the faculty members of the Faculties of Engineering in Egypt and the Arab world and some foreign universities. Postgraduate systems have evolved since its inception and have issued their rules within the Faculty's internal regulations. In August 1958, the first internal regulations for postgraduate studies were issued in the Faculty. Among the most important features of postgraduate studies:

  • The faculty’s councils of the scientific departments determine their needs of the members of Academic staff in the various specializations, and set their research plan for five years concurrent with the scholarship plan, in order to meet the needs of the department and the plan must be as consistent as possible with the research needs with the industry and the productive and service sectors of regions and governorates surrounding the university and with environmental problems. The department plans are submitted to the Faculty’s council for approval.
  • The councils of the scientific departments determine what is necessary to complete the basic infrastructure for scientific research, including equipment, devices, tools, and the necessary trained technical individuals. The Faculty and the university provide the necessary funding within the available budget and the department council and the Faculty’s council follow up on the implementation of these plans.
  • Topics for MA and PhD degrees from the department's research plan.
  • Faculty’s research plan consists of the departments’ research plans, taking into account coordination with other engineering Faculties to serve the industry and the development plan.
  • Each department annually draws up a plan for its needs for research assistants in the subjects of letters that require student devotion; therefore the necessary grants can be provided from the university based on the recommendation of the Faculty’s council. Approval of grants annually, provided that renewal takes place every year in light of the research assistant’s progress in the study based on the letter of the supervisor and the recommendation of the department’s council.
  • The study plans for postgraduate are developed and updated for diplomas, master's, and PhD courses as well as the requirements of the environment and surrounding areas in order to support the link between the Faculty and society to encourage the engineers to enroll in postgraduate studies at the Faculty.
  • It is also preferable for the diploma courses to include computer studies, technical English, management, economics, accounting, discussion panels, and an applied project in addition to a set of optional courses that can be expanded to cover more areas of specialization in each department.