To mobilize the energies and employ them to achieve the future vision to provide education that meets the requirements of the present and the future and a product for generations of graduates qualified and trained to invest in technology and its potential and expertise in solving the problems of childhood and the family and serve the environment and society through specialized centers and projects for distinguished Kindergartens in light of regional and global quality standards and to support its programs in sustainable development and continuous training.
The Faculty of Kindergarten at Assiut University aims to prepare distinguished and specialized cadres of Kindergarten teachers to achieve educational and scientific leadership and be able to invest in the field of technology and compete in all fields of education, learning, scientific research and community service to achieve comprehensive and sustainable development in the field of the Child.
The College works through its scientific departments, which cover most of the specialties that the labor market needs to achieve the following objectives:
1 - Preparation of distinguished teachers in the field of dealing with ordinary and integrated children.
2 - Training specialized educational leaders in different areas of Childhood.
3 - Designing various training programs for educational staff and leaders specialized in different areas of Childhood to raise the level of workers....
عميد الكلية
Dean of the College

Praise be to Allaah, for His blessings, which are countless, that have enabled us to establish the College of Kindergarten.
I am pleased to extend my sincere thanks to all the sincere white hands that have provided the hand of aid since it was a dream until it was established by the decision of the Prime Minister No. 2943 on 9/11/2011.
The Faculty of Kindergarten is the College No. 20 of the Colleges of ....

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