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The University, upon the recommendation of the Faculty Council, awards the following degrees and diplomas :


I. Bachelor of Commerce (B.Comm.) in one of the following areas (*):


- Accounting.


- Business Administration.


- Political Science.


- Economics.


- Insurance.


- Accounting (in English Language)


- Business Administration (in English Language).


- Business Economics and Administration (The Open Education System).




II. Higher Diploma in one of the following areas:


- Cost Accounting.


- Auditing and Financial Control.


- Taxation Accounting.


- Accounting.


- Production Management.


- Insurance.


- Local Administration and Political Development.


- Banking Studies.


- Development and Regional Planning.


- Industrial Economics.


- Public Administration.


- Administration Development.


- Marketing.


- hospital Management.


- Accounting for non-Accountants.


- Political studies.


- Public Policies.


- Management of Environmental Affairs and Political Development


- Applied Statistics.



III. Master of Commerce (M. Comm.) in one of the areas of B. Comm.


IV. Doctor of Philosophy (Ph. D. Comm.) in one of the areas of B. Comm.





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