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Faculty Mission

Faculty of Commerce, Assiut University is an educational and research institution specializing in areas of accounting, business administration, economics, insurance, and Political Sciences. It offers a variety of programs and courses of study and advanced training in such fields. Besides, the faculty provides access to sources of advanced knowledge and cultures in order to provide community with cadres of qualified human resources to comply with the demands of the labor market. The Faculty aims at providing opportunities for scientific research, graduate studies, and continuous education for students in Egypt and the Arab world.  The faculty, with its qualified personnel, also contributes in community service and environment development by providing consultations and training in the areas mentioned with full commitment and adherence to the ethical and scientific values.


Faculty Vision

Aspiring to achieve leadership and distinction in performance to become an academic reference by quality assurance in education, training, graduate studies, and community service, and coping with the rapid development in areas of specialization on both local and international businesses. 


Faculty Goals

- Graduating cadres who are capable of working at different organizations and meeting the demands of freelance labor market.

- Preparing distinguished scholars by offering new and distinct graduate programs.

 - Developing the skills of personnel working at the community institutions and helping these institutions to solve their problems.

 - Improving students' applied skills.


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