Welcome to BioInformatics Program

The program aims to provide the student with both breadth and depth of knowledge in the concepts and techniques related to the design, programming, and application of computing systems. Specifically, based on the constitutions of the Computing Curricula (ACM/IEEE IS2010 and IS2002) and international universities.

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About BioInformatics Program !!

  • The Bioinformatics program aims to provide the students with:

    I. Improving Organizational Processes

    II. Exploiting Opportunities Created by Technology Innovations

    III. Understanding and Addressing Information Requirements

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  • Graduate attributes

    The Bioinformatics program is designed to provide the student with the foundations of the discipline as well as the opportunity for specialization. After successfully completing the Information systems program, the graduate should be able to:

    I. Recognize problems that are amenable to computer information systems

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  • Knowledge and Understanding

    On successful completion of the program, graduates should be able to:

    a1. Demonstrate basic knowledge and understanding of a core of analysis, algebra, applied mathematics and statistics.

    a2. Demonstrate strong knowledge of bioinformatics.

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  • Intellectual Skills

    On successful completion of this program, graduates should be able to:

    b1. Define traditional and nontraditional information systems problems, set goals towards solving them, and observe results.

    b2. Perform comparisons between (methods, techniques...etc).

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Latest News

  • Bioiformatic Day

    3 October, 2018

    Students of the second level of Bioinformatic Department will set up an event for the first level students in the same department in the fourth stage on Wednesday, 3-10-2018 from 13:30 to 16:30

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  • ACM ICPC Competition

    29 September, 2018

    The CMPC Competition is the largest programming competition in the world, with the choice of the best programmers capable of solving Complex problems using programming and methods of methodological solution.

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Summer Activities

  • The First Biodiversity Informatics Summer School Hurghada, Egypt August 22-28, 2017

    Biodiversity comprehends the totality and variability of organisms, their morphology and genetics, life history and habitats, and geographical ranges.

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