Welcome to Software Engineering Program

Software plays a central role in almost all aspects of daily life. The number, size, and application domains of computer programs have grown dramatically; as a result, hundreds of billions are being spent on software development, and the livelihood and lives of most people depend on the effectiveness of this development.

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About Software Engineering Program !!

  • Why Software Engineering Program ?

    There are serious problems in the cost, timeliness, and quality of many software products. The reasons for these problems are many and include the following:

    1- Software products are among the most complex of man-made systems, and software by its very nature has intrinsic, essential properties

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  • Graduate attributes

    After successfully completing the Software Engineering program, the graduate should be able to:

    Recognize problems that are amenable to software engineering, and knowledge of the tools necessary for solving such problems.

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  • Knowledge and Understanding

    The graduate should show a critical knowledge and understanding of:

    a1. Identify the essential facts, concepts, principles, and theories relating to basics of Mathematics.

    a2. Identify the basics, essential facts, concepts, principles, and theories relating to electronics for computer design.

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  • Intellectual Skills

    b1. Solve problems mathematically.

    b2. Model problems using programming and information technology.

    b3. Model problems using software engineering techniques.

    b4. Create and/or design software components, objects, and classes.

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Latest News

  • Open Project Progress to Support Innovative Projects for Higher Education Students (IPHES)

    15 October, 2018

    The project of supporting innovative projects for students of higher education has been opened for the first session, which aims to support innovative, creative and targeted ideas and initiatives presented by students. Proposals for projects should be submitted no later than 15/10/2018.

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  • ACM ICPC Competition

    29 September, 2018

    The CMPC Competition is the largest programming competition in the world, with the choice of the best programmers capable of solving Complex problems using programming and methods of methodological solution.

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Contact Information

  • Contact and correspondence:

    Faculty of Computing and Information - Assiut University - Assiut

    Phone: 347678

    Fax: 347678