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Hall of video conferencing, Faculty of Computers and Information

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Prof. Dr. Tarek Kamel, Minister of Communications and Information Technology, Prof.Dr. Hany Helal, Minister of Higher Education, and in the presence of Prof. Dr. Mohamed Ibrahim Abdel Qader, former President of the University and Prof. Dr. Hosni Mohamed Ibrahim, faculty Dean, opened the Hall of video conferencing in the 06/04/2006

The video conference room linked to interior University network by fiber-optic cable, with high-speed Giga bit and equipped with the latest devices, which allow access to any place in the world through the Internet and carrying experiments needed to run until March 2006.

Objectives of the video conferencing

  • The video conference based on the Internet in linking between the two locations as it allows interaction and connection of any university in the world or any other institution without any costs.
  • Using to hold scientific seminars at all levels of study between the various universities and research centers in the world.
  • It allows the exchange of scientific expertise, which allows for specialists in various parts of the world to give their lectures and discussion with their counterparts in all subjects.
  • It is available through the internet network broadcast lectures in real thus allow to the vast majority of students and others to benefit from them.
  • Solve the problem of large student numbers by receiving lectures and broadcast via the Internet can also be follow from home.
  • You can record lectures and re-broadcast via the Internet at different speeds suitable for the current systems of the Internet from home through ADSL lines currently available to the public with little pay.
  • As well as lectures between the Faculty of Arts , Faculty of Law, Faculty of Education to the New Valley.
  • Since the opening of the hall many lectures in the of geographic information systems and decision support systems courses for the fourth year students of the faculty was held by professors from the University of Cairo, through this system.
  • Several seminars were held with University of Concordia, Canada and the University of Kyoto, Japan staff.
  • The faculty plans to make agreements with some international universities for the exchange lectures and educational programs through this system.

Fields of using

  • Online Teaching.
  • Distance Teaching and Learning.
  • Hold symposiums and seminars between different organization all over the world and Health Care Medical Consultation and Operation.

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