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Dean of Faculty of Computer and Information

Currently in the beginning of the twenty-first century human live after the enormous technological developments at the end of the twentieth century, which is accurately information and communication technology revolution, and to which the world became one village, speed and influence in all areas which is made by this revolution has not ever seen before. This technology of computers and information represent the beating heart and occupies communications technology veins and nerves in which the impulses flowing loaded with information to roam around the globe in moments.


From this point It is clear to us the important role to FCI's in the graduation of cadres capable of participating in the making of this enormous development, providing experts in all technological fields of computer and information systems, information technology and e-commerce transactions and other sciences. I have dreamed of Faculty of Computers and Information in Assiut University and it had been achieved. thanks God and to scientists and professors who led this university with all sincerity so that became our dream a reality after several batches graduated from college so far deployed in the work of various companies and factories.

Ask God to help us all to perform entrusted to us the message of God and the source of strength.

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