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Department of Information Technology

Department Mission

The Department of Information Technology of Faculty of Computer and Information of Assiut University established in accordance with faculty regulations promulgated in Decree No. (694) on 22/5/2004 in order to produce graduates equipped with specialized scientific knowledge assets in the field of information technology while keeping up with programs of the variables of the modern department is also on the use of the possibilities available to solve the problems of society.
This is done through the presenting excellent curricula in the various branches of information systems, scientific research and applied subject to international standards, quality and positive interaction of the role of the department in the service of the environment and community development.

Department Vision

Information Technology Department seeks to provide elements of the ongoing development of education in the field of Information Technology to keep pace with rapid scientific and technological university and improve its performance, and raise graduates of the department to the level of excellence, high competitiveness and the completion of research and scientific studies, and to great the role of the department in the environment services and community development.

Department Objectives

Department aims to achieve the following purposes :

  • Preparation of specialists in the field of Information Technology and management of data and secure qualified with theoretical assets and applications to enable them to global competition in the development of computer technology and information.
  • Conducting studies and scientific and applied research in the field of Information Technology that have a direct impact on the integral development of society.
  • Provide scientific and technical advice and assistance for bodies and agencies that use the techniques of Information Technology and components concerned with the technology.
  • Raising the level of graduates of different faculties, according to labor market needs in the fields of modern Information Technology by holding applied diplomas.
  • Participation with specialized agencies to develop and arabization of software Information Technology and networks and applications.
  • Organization of seminars and scientific conferences, with a view to deepening the concepts and upgrading scientific cooperation between the specialized cadres.
  • A scientific agreements with corresponding bodies and institutions at the local, regional and global in order to exchange experiences and research on the disciplines of Information Technology.
  • proposal for the establishment of a special unite of the specialized and advanced research in the field of Information Technology.

The Membership of the faculty Staff in the Department

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