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Visit of the High Committee to follow up on precautionary measures


On Sunday, 25/10/2020, the High Committee visited to follow up on the precautionary measures used in the practice of student activities to prevent the new coronavirus and prevention methods to keep students safe during the practice of student activities to manage the care of young people.
Both attended 
Prof. Dr. Medhat Al Arabi, Professor of Public Health, Faculty of Medicine 
And Dr. Asma Mohammed Abdul Aziz director of the department of combating the enemy in the university hospital
And Prof. Dr. Emad Shaaban in Sports Education
The meeting was held with Prof. Dr. Tayseer Hassan Al-Aamam at the work of the Dean of the Faculty
Prof. Dr. Khaled Fathi, Undersecretary of the Faculty for Education and Students Affairs
And in the presence of Professor Faraj Jabr, secretary of the college


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