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Post- Graduates' Studies

  • The scientific Councils of the faculty puts five years plan synchronized with the Plan of missions abroad. The plan must be linked with industry and production and service sectors of the regions and governments surround the university. The faculty plan should also be linked with the overall development plans of the state and environmental problems and meeting the departments' needs of staff members. The plans presented for the faculty council for approval.

  • The scientific Councils of the faculty departments determine what is necessary to complete the infrastructure for scientific research, which includes the equipment, devices, tools and necessary trained technical elements. The university and faculty supply the scientific research with necessary fund within the available budget. The faculty and department Councils follow the implementation of these plans.

  • The message topics of the PHD and Master are mentioned in departments' research plan.

  • Faculty research plan include departments' research plans, taking into consideration the trial to coordinate with the other faculties of computers and information to serve the industry and the development plan.

  • The study plans for postgraduate diploma, Masters Courses and PhDs' linked to industry fields, development plans, environmental requirements and the surrounding areas to support the link between the faculty and community. Faculty employers are encouraged to register in post- graduate studies at the faculty. Courses ofdiploma are preferred to include Computer Studies, English, technical and management courses, accounting and symposium, applied project and elective courses are developed and expanded.

Assiut University grant, according to the recommendations of specialized departments' councils and faculty council the, following scientific degrees:

  • Master degree in computers and information in specialization Computer science, Information System, Information technology.  

  • PHD in computers and information in specialization Computer science, Information System, Information Technology.  

The specialization is mentioned in the certificate, in addition to the dissertation title in case of master and PHD degrees.

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