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Student Affairs Services

Services provided by Student Affairs for students

  • Receiving the files of the new students? candidate for the faculty to review it.
  • Preparing a medical examination forms for new students and follow-up its results.
  • Extract fees permission for the faculty students and the undergraduate cards.
  • Record the names of students in the registration documents for each year separately - and Prepare military records for males.
  • Preparing student lists for each year separately, seat numbers and organizing exams.
  • Count names of students deserving excellence rewards and preparing the necessary records to do so.
  • Receiving transformation requests of students and reviewing it according to the conditions of transfer and registration.
  • Preparing exam schedules for study year and failures.
  • The formation of exams committees with observers and monitors and committees.
  • Announce the results of year-end exams.
  • Take action on the summer training for students wishing to do so.
  • Respond to all inquiries and correspondence relating to the affairs of education and study.
  • Take punishment procedure against outlaws students and register it.
  • Reviewing the sickness and other excuses of students to apologize for exams.
  • Preparing all data and statistics relating to education and study.
  • Preparing supplementary exams, especially for students who failed in some courses according to the instructions.
  • Participation in preparation of the faculty students? union elections.
  • keeping records of students and their results in accordance with the legal term.
  • Follow the recruiting situation of students and take necessary action to stop registration of every student does not determine his recruitment position.
  • Inform the Central Student Affairs with the exams results as well as students transferring and return to it in all matters relating to the management.


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