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Faculty of Dentistry, Assiut University was established upon the Supreme Council of Universities (SCU) approval No. 565 on Feb. 6th, 2012.  The SCU approval indicated that all legislative procedures in this concern be implemented. It was also enforced by the University Council resolution No. 575 on July 26th, 2012 stating that the date of study commences at the Faculty of Dentistry be with the academic year 2012/13. And, these resolutions were enforced by the Presidential Decree No. 194/2012 approving the establishment of the Faculty of Dentistry, Assiut University.

For decades, the idea of establishing this faculty has been a dream that the university administration has been striving to achieve, and it only does this year. Now it has become possible for Middle and South Egyptian sons and daughters to have a Faculty for Dentistry within their reach to provide distinguished and dental care according to the highest quality standards.

The faculty has been so fortunate that it is destined to have an international merge with the efforts of the university president to hold agreements with the state of Malaysia to have about 50 students being enrolled at this Faculty only as a start for other international students from other countries to follow. Hereupon, it can be fairly classified as the first Egyptian Faculty to be born with international reputation.

Several academic meetings, consultations, and accords have been held with the most prominent professors of dentistry in Egypt to have its commencement on the most powerful bases applying the most recent dental technology. Besides, a very prospectus plan has been accomplished to construct the buildings and labs according to the highest standards. For this purpose, 6000 sq. meters were assigned and construction work is now running steadily to finish the task within 30 months. An ambitious strategy has been also planned to attract highly educated faculty members with notable academic experience to offer high instructional and dental service.

Germane to this purpose, the Faculty of Science, Assiut University, with its facilities and expertise, being an Accredited Faculty by the National Authority foe Quality Assurance and Accreditation of Education, has undertaken the task of fostering newly established faculties, providing all its facilities for the preparatory students of Dentistry to spend their first year wishing them all success and distinction

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