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Our belief in the important and pivotal role played by the administration of Youth Welfare in colleges and public administration for the care of young people in helping the university students to engage in all activities provided by administration of Youth Welfare to help in the success of the educational process and help students access to better and higher level of academic achievement and the construction of the mind, body and spirit and to achieve the principle of healthy mind in a healthy body.
We have the honor to offer in the following lines the report on about the activities of the Youth Welfare, Faculty of Engineering, in light of the evaluation criteria that established by the Committee in order to more objectively evaluate for the performance of youth care in faculty.

Student participation in activities.
Projects, activities carried out by the students.
Faculty participants in the activities that took place at the university level.
College response of participation in valuable activities.
The diversity of activity within the one field.
Positions, and awards received by the College.
The extent of college participation with other colleges in university.

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